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  trippyshitt  |  1

Dude. 9 months to make the fucking baby. She doesn't start 'aging' until she's BORN, hoe. By the way, 9 months is a majority of a year. What's 12 minus 9? Yeah. That's right. 3. So 15 years and 9 months. His vasectomy was 16 years late. Just think about it, sweet pea. Don't explode.

By  Renesaga  |  8

I'd say "Hey, maybe it's just a coincidence, or a bad choice of words." but, that seems pretty straight-forward. Sometimes parents say things without thinking, though, so don't let it offend you too much.

  nicole86  |  8

What he probably meant (considering 16yrs ago you were in utero) was that he didn't want any more kids. If OP has a younger sibling then I'd feel bad for them.

  mason_sweat  |  0

65- me too except my dad said "If your mother wouldn't have been wearing a tennis skirt you and your sister would have never been born." He told me that when I was 7.

By  ninjacutie  |  6

eh he wouldnt be there if he didn't love you >.< punch him hard enough in the balls give him the vasectomy the cheap way if you have to ;) haha just kidding don't chop your dads area…

  Commander223  |  9

That's what my dad does... He made it quite clear that I was a mistake. He even said he wanted to put me up for adoption when I was born... That was an awkward week.

  daminantion  |  14

Wahh boohoo my dad made a joke about meeee.

You want sympathy, OP? Go visit a Hallmark store, or the next-door cat lady.

When you have meddlesome kids you will see the humour.

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Boo-fucking-hoo damination. Let your father tell you about wishing he had that vasectomy before your own mother concieved you and then come crying to fml.

When will fuck-shit parents realize that joking about your childs very own existance without considering what the other will fucking feel like.

  IndigoFuckYou  |  9

Plus he's Canadian.
Sigh, daminination, or however you misspell it--you can't be funny on FML by insulting the OP. Just insult the other commenters, maybe then you'll get some thumbs up.