By davidh5012 - 27/11/2011 21:41 - United States

Today, my dad had his "sixteen years overdue" vasectomy. I'm fifteen. FML
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chazzlerazzle 0

Dude don't worry if he really didn't want you he would of falcon punched your mom right in the stomach when he found out she was pregnant

At least your mother isn't having a fifteen years over-due abortion...


Sweet sixteen!

But he's fifteen

chazzlerazzle 0

Suavesuave your retarded, learn how to read and in addition I LOST THE GAME!!!

An referring to what is going to happen on the 16th birthday lol "sweet sixteen "

1- I'm hoping you're referring to the celebration of 16 years of their dad's intact genitalia.

I'm on a roll today. Sorry moderator. :(

habibiiiiiii 2

And U can't do math

64- And YOU can't spell.

Dude. 9 months to make the fucking baby. She doesn't start 'aging' until she's BORN, hoe. By the way, 9 months is a majority of a year. What's 12 minus 9? Yeah. That's right. 3. So 15 years and 9 months. His vasectomy was 16 years late. Just think about it, sweet pea. Don't explode.

LuLzUnDaTaBrDgE 0

Haha no one loves you op!!!!

screamo_is_okay 6

100- you just raped my mind with math!!

120 no, you'r just stupid

screamo_is_okay 6

i was joking so that makes you a dick

MrsCunny 1

Haha f-yeaa

its ok you are loved

What FML are you reading?

I'd say "Hey, maybe it's just a coincidence, or a bad choice of words." but, that seems pretty straight-forward. Sometimes parents say things without thinking, though, so don't let it offend you too much.

God obviously saw you as very important to the human race.

pinkandbluepsych 3

Maybe he had an affair with another woman before you and he meant it that way?

nicole86 8

What he probably meant (considering 16yrs ago you were in utero) was that he didn't want any more kids. If OP has a younger sibling then I'd feel bad for them.

Mister_Triangle 21

I think it was a joke; OP's dad sounds like a funny troll

ripjohnlennon 5

Maybe he was joking...

chazzlerazzle 0

Dude don't worry if he really didn't want you he would of falcon punched your mom right in the stomach when he found out she was pregnant

Show ya moves!

Alexisthebestest 16

This FML reminds me of the time my dad told me Bud Light was the reason I'm alive today...

i finally understand why my mom gets shits herself when my dad says falcon...and why i have a big hole in my face

Babydoll4ever 7

^ your comment isn't funny, and neither is your name. No hard feelings..

mason_sweat 0

65- me too except my dad said "If your mother wouldn't have been wearing a tennis skirt you and your sister would have never been born." He told me that when I was 7.

Alexisthebestest 16

Don't you just love parents, with their perverted honesty?

Ninjasaurus18 9

118- YES!!!! I do love parents like that.

xShannonxSammyx 7

At least they loved you enough not to get an abortion! :)

Or they couldn't afford it...

Or it didn't work.

Babies don't like murder! - Juno :D


Failed Abotrion^ :O

At least your mother isn't having a fifteen years over-due abortion...



That's encouraging.

eh he wouldnt be there if he didn't love you >.< punch him hard enough in the balls give him the vasectomy the cheap way if you have to ;) haha just kidding don't chop your dads area…

Its probably just a joke. Dads always say things like that, I know mine does

bitchslapped22 14

Dad: "Hey son, I regret having you for a child." Son: "W-what..?" Dad: " I'm joking of course! ohohoho"

"I'm going to joke about my child's existance" Not going to happen...

That's what my dad does... He made it quite clear that I was a mistake. He even said he wanted to put me up for adoption when I was born... That was an awkward week.

Wahh boohoo my dad made a joke about meeee. You want sympathy, OP? Go visit a Hallmark store, or the next-door cat lady. When you have meddlesome kids you will see the humour.

Boo-fucking-hoo damination. Let your father tell you about wishing he had that vasectomy before your own mother concieved you and then come crying to fml. When will fuck-shit parents realize that joking about your childs very own existance without considering what the other will fucking feel like.

I'm fucking sorry #53, I checked your profile and I saw you were 21 years old. Meddlesome kids?? I bet you don't have kids or know about parenting.

Plus he's Canadian. Sigh, daminination, or however you misspell it--you can't be funny on FML by insulting the OP. Just insult the other commenters, maybe then you'll get some thumbs up. Moron.