By DaChief - United States - Highland Park
Today, I went to the doctor. They did a test and said they would email me the results. My girlfriend saw the email that said "The test was positive", and now she thinks I'm cheating on her with someone named Doctor Johnson. FML
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  pussy_crusher  |  7

My fiancé uses my laptop when he can't find his and will sometimes see the emails when the notifications pop up. Probably not the same situation though, as he would never assume I was cheating because of an email!


If you've done nothing wrong, you've earned your right to privacy

  ElizaWy  |  25

#2 - My husband keeps TRYING to give me access to his email and various passwords. I keep shrugging and going "okaaaay", then not bothering to remember them. I guess some people think lack of privacy = closeness...?

  socialproduct  |  19

#42, if your husband wants to share his personal info with you then I say let him. Maybe for him full disclosure does = closeness. Better than the alternative of him going out of his way to hide everything.

  Thwingedkitty  |  5

My husband can read my email and I can read his. That's called being spouses and parents and not having time for silly privacy complexes when you are trying to organize multiple schedules.

  FlutterLoud  |  29

I love reading some of the texts my BF gets (spam because his number used to be his moms who signed up for everything lol) and he looks at my phone. Neither of us have anything to hide so it doesn't matter.


I know my partners passwords but never go looking too.

  wysegirl  |  21

My husband and I have access to everything of each others. The difference is do we really care to view the others privacy unless asked or need something from the others accounts.

By  gabechriswill  |  19

Your girlfriend seems just a little crazy- Assuming you haven't cheated before. My initial thought would be that it is a message from an actual doctor concerning real issues- not that you are cheating with a doctor. Just explain the situation OP

By  19990231  |  29

Im guessing the gf thought the doctor Johnson had a positive pregnancy test?

By  fazzems  |  21

I doubt this would be the subject line, and if she really did read your whole email, then I doubt a doctor would be so vague as to simply say "the results are positive" and not be specific as to what test results.

  19990231  |  29

These situations are a bit different...