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By sadbuttrue. - 25/06/2014 01:06 - United States - San Francisco

Today, at my sister's wedding, I went to the very back of the crowd of women waiting to catch the bouquet. Not only did I end up catching it, I was accosted by a crazy chick who ripped it out of my hands, screaming at me in Italian. I later found out she was already engaged. FML
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gjikvtj 18

I wouldnt be surprised if an Italian wedding broke the sound barrier

You should go to a Nigerian wedding. They're super loud, last for days, and the guests throw money at the wedding party.

Ambrily 27

@16: Not every Italian wedding is so noisy and messy. :)

Italian weddings are so fancy. But, a Nigerian wedding sounds like fun...

BradTheBrony 19

#16, are they held on supersonic jet planes?

You'll catch one next wedding you go to!!!

Evidence? Also, I think you completely missed the point of the FML.

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gjikvtj 18
BlueFlatts 20

Some crazy people are fun, but I don't think this woman is one of them.

Bitches be like "Get the f**k outta my way!"

91hayek 31

"Hold my shoes and my jewelry." *hikes up dress and takes linebacker stance.* "If anything happens just have 911 on speed dial. I'm getting that bouquet this time."

Could someone explain please? I am a bit confused... :P

You're not very familiar with the Christian wedding, are you? Time to learn about new cultures.

Siettadulce 21

When the bride throws her bouquet to the group of girls behind her, the girl who catches it is "supposed" to be the next one to get married next. It's a wedding superstition/tradition.

gjikvtj 18

You see 17 a simple answer like 22's would've been alright but you can go that way too

I'm sorry but i don't know the tradition either. I only had a slight idea from hollywood movies and stuff. Did not want to provide wrong information. I see people get slammed here for asking questions like this. Before I replied, #7 was -3. I understood where they were coming from and gave my advice. From my comment, they realize its about some wedding tradition so its easier to research about it.

You didn't really give any advice though. All you did was come off snarky and kind of douchey when they genuinely didn't know and wanted a bit of info about how this tradition works.

askullnamedbilly 33

@toaster123 Additionally, you didn't even have a REASON to be a douche and demand #7 should learn more about the Christian culture. The bouquet toss does not have a biblical origin and thus isn't inherently Christian in nature. It's actually rather superstitious, since brides were thought to be especially lucky on their wedding day and oftentimes pieces of their dresses would be ripped off. So to keep the guests from fighting, a bouquet would be tossed.

I'm not gonna throw a bouquet at my wedding. Too much screaming.

Thanks #22 I appreciate that there are some people that aren't snarky but helpful around here :D and thanks to all the others for helping defend me. I am not that big into religion and not close to marriage (First I need a bride ^.^) so I was quite unaware.

Again guys I never meant to be mean. I'm not that kind of a person. English is not my language. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I just thought that's how you would say it. I'm truly sorry. ok bye.

are you familiar with any other cultures weddings, or did you just not take your medication today?

That was her way of ensuring her engagement would never be called off