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Today, at my sister's wedding, she and I had a plan that she would purposely throw the bouquet to my girlfriend, then I would propose in front of everyone. When the bouquet landed in my girlfriend's lap, she screamed, "Ew, no way" and threw it to someone else. FML
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Aww, at least now you won't embarrass yourself in front of everyone. But still, FYL

Ouch... but it sounds like you may have gotten lucky. At least you found out how she feels before proposing.


Yeah, OP, don't look too much into it, she may just need some time to think about it. Who knows, that bouquet toss could cause her to propose to you.

Really people? How did this get downvoted it is a possible explanation.

I don't understand why people vote the way they do, but then again I don't understand how to vote either (on mobile)

Because this site is full of overgrown twelve-year-olds who think it's funny to upvote stupid shit and downvote things that are actually helpful.

or he doesn't know her as well as he should. you should know where your Gf/Bf stands on the idea of getting married before popping the question. it's not ruining the surprise for her to know you want to marry her sometime. it's called communication and saving everyone a lot of hurt and embarrassment in the future.

I really don't think it would be a panicked reaction to react like this, but we can hope..

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Aww, at least now you won't embarrass yourself in front of everyone. But still, FYL

My thought exactly. This isn't nearly as much of an FML as it could have been. OP's girlfriend could have shrugged it off, OP proposed, and THEN got shut down infront of everyone. At his sisters wedding no less. Now that is an FML

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Hey, he has a pretty cool sister too.

Ouch... but it sounds like you may have gotten lucky. At least you found out how she feels before proposing.

Just because you propose doesn't mean you have to spend the rest of your life with me. It means I want to make us serious and ale a serious commitment. She oils have said no anyways.

I couldn't agree more 49!! It's mind boggling to me to think that someone will propose without having talked (at length) about whether they want to get married or not. The response to the proposal shouldn't be a surprise. They should know without a doubt what the answer will be. And the whole "it's supposed to be a surprise" thing, I couldn't agree with you more. The surprise is in the way he proposed and the timing of it. Not "surprise, I know we've never talked about this before, but I think we should spend the rest of our lives together, side-by-side, forever!" Op, I know you're probably upset right now, but this is a huge blessing in disguise!! You can't imagine how painful and embarrassing it would've been if you had proposed and she said no. It would've ruined the whole night for yourself, your girlfriend, and your entire family...including your sister when it's supposed to be the most incredible day of her life. It would've put a damper on the rest of the night and you would've probably had to leave to get away from the embarrassment. It would've even affected any future proposals. Take this as a sign to not propose again (to her or anyone else) without having talked with her, at length, about getting married beforehand.

While I do agree with you #49 that you should know how they feel, that doesn't mean they hadn't talked about marriage before. You don't have to ask if they're okay with you proposing because there should be conversations held beforehand about marriage. Maybe she just felt like it was too soon to get married, since catching the bouquet is supposed to mean you're next to get married, but she told OP that she wants to marry him someday. That could be where the difference is

Aww, I'm sorry OP! I hope you end up proposing to her somewhere else!

So when in a relationship you HAVE to get married or it's over ?

I don't believe in marriage but both people in a relationship should have the same goal. If one partner wants to get married and the other doesn't, I don't think it will work well.

#32, it might have been that she didn't want to get married at that time, but I agree that they should talk about it

" yeah she didn't want me to propose to her at my sisters wedding maybe I should just propose at a dinner next time " the problem isn't where, it's communication. he obviously needs to talk to her.

95 - Because she clearly is not looking to get married any time soon. Her reaction was "ew." Not very inviting for a proposal.

It might have worked if she went to "throw" the bouquet instead.

that's sad. have you guys talked about marriage before this? regardless, hopefully you can return the ring.

This is probably the most obvious, and logical, thing to do. Why assume? maybe marriage is not something she wants to talk about? And maybe even think about what kind of relationship you two have.

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You need to have a talk with your girlfriend before planning any more surprises OP

The proposal itself can still be a surprise. The fact that one partner wants the legal commitment and one does not should not be left unstated until that surprise takes place.

Things don't always go as planned. Maybe you should try and talk to her about how she feels about it since that was a really indirect way of seeing how she feels about marriage. It looks bleak but you should definitely talk to her just so you're not making assumptions. Good luck OP!

OP really should've talked to her already, but yeah, now's as good a time as any.

you may have dodged a bullet, op. you know how she feels now.