By unloved - 17/4/2012 14:54 - United States
Today, I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend. When it came time for us to leave, I saw him write something on the receipt for our waitress. I managed to get a quick look; it was his number. FML
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  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

How the hell did you come up with that, #56? Where does it say that OP knows that her boyfriend is cheating on her?

Only an idiot would come up with that assumption.

  mad_hatter0666  |  22

It's not the act of writing it down, but the intention behind it. Why would he give the waitress his number? And if he wanted to try to make it seem harmless, why didn't he just let his girlfriend know what he was doing instead of letting her mind wander to the first place it did? Just seems shady in my opinion.

  downtime  |  12

138, Yes, it's shady. Not cheating until one of them forms some kind of bond. Doing something bad isn't a free pass for everyone to label it as whatever they please - so the comment you're responding to is actually correct. He isn't cheating. Yet.

  perdix  |  29

Naw, it happens a lot. Especially when I advocate threesomes.

I have a hard enough time organizing a twosome -- I'm surprised anyone thinks I know shit about threesomes.