By Noname - 13/03/2009 15:49 - Canada

Today, I was talking to my grandmother, who was lying down on the couch under a blanket watching TV. As I was leaving, I said "See you later Nana," and patted her on the shoulder. Her shoulder was soft, and moved more than I expected. It was her boob. I felt up my grandma. FML
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hockeyplaya 0

thats embarassing... hope she was asleep

LittleMissMack 0

Are you the same kid who had a wet dream while sitting next to his grandma? FREUDDDDD!

CaiDog 20

Yeah, because people who are ok with something ususally make FMLs about it

crazy_cat_lady 0

boobies. haha old lady none the less lmao gross,