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  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

8, that's funny. I'm leaning more towards crazy. I figure that only a person who's not all there would 1) Get involved with a married person, and 2) Later leave that married person because their significant other was taking too long to die.

  JMichael  |  25

I agree with 34. No one in their right mind would put themselves in a situation like that. I'm sorry OP but I'm not sure how this specifically affects you, it's more fuck her ex boyfriend's wife's life.

  onealmxwilson  |  18

Well it's not like her reason for leaving was because he was taken. It's just because his wife wasn't dying soon enough for her liking. She had no good intentions with her choice.

  Rallred32  |  20

OPs grandma is coldblooded. FALSE. If the grandma was coldblooded, she would most likely die in weather below 32 degrees farenheit. I really need to stop watching the office.


Actually, it's "an". The letter 'F', when pronounced, sounds like 'eff'. The sound of the 'E' infront of the letter 'F' makes the word before it, "an". It's really the sound of 'a' 'e' 'i' 'o' and 'u' that requires the "an". Not the letter itself.

  iluvFMLs15  |  19

Why do people do that? try to act cool by correcting someone, when in all actuality, they're wrong and the person they were trying to correct, wasn't ever wrong -.-

  CelticSkye  |  13

#95 - It's most likely because English isn't #24's first language that she was able to school them. My God-Mother was born and raised in Sicily and she's got the best English speaking and writing skills I've ever seen! I noticed the immigrants that take the time to learn English tend to speak and write it better than those of us who were born in the States to English speaking parents.

  TheAbstract  |  15

Honestly, FML isn't really always for humor. People here post their misfortunes from their daily lives. Granted, some of them are damn hilarious but there are some that just aren't funny at all. Don't try to defend stupidity by saying It's all meant to be funny.

  oooohmygosh  |  8

It's a joke! Hence the haha... Don't take anything to seriously. My grandfather uses me as a wingman sometimes! Old people say and do a lot more things because they don't give a crap anymore. Part of the perks of being old. There's not much you can do, but watch and make sure they really are ok.