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By Pee.H.D - 02/05/2016 17:24 - United States - Fontana

Today, since I always fall asleep in class, I decided not to go to the bathroom beforehand, hoping the need to pee would keep me awake. I ended up falling asleep and wetting myself in the middle of the lecture. FML
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On the bright side, it made for a creative username

There are definitely better ways to stay awake..


There are definitely better ways to stay awake..

The method that i use is to hold a pen over my table at all times when not writing, so in case i fall asleep, i will hear the pen clatter and reawaken. I discovered it by accident last year but it seems to be rather effective.

Yeah.. You could just actually sleep the night before

While at uni, one does not simply sleep the night before....

I actually used to do something similar. Whenever I had to wake up early I chose to not go to the toilet before going to bed since I have the habit of ignoring my alarms. The urge to pee would always force me to get up. Luckily I never peed myself though.

Sometimes it's just the class/teacher. My history class in middle school was the only place I ever had such a terrible time staying awake in. I could be wide awake going in, but I still found myself nodding off. Id also wake up fully again when I was in another class.

On the bright side, it made for a creative username

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He should have just gone for his masters

I mean you gave it a shot Op and attempted to find a way to stay awake. Maybe next time around you'll find a better method

I try to keep some part of my body moving to try and stay awake... hopefully not too many people noticed?

Maybe you should consider either sleeping more or seeing a doctor if you have a medical condition... Would be way more effective than using your bladder to stay awake.

That reminds me of one incident during my middle school. A girl of my class pissed infront of whole class cause she was scared by our terrifying history ma'am...

Get down with OP's pee, get down with OP's pee

When I had this problem in one of my college classes, I would excuse myself to the bathroom whenever I started feeling my head bobbing and just walked around the building for a minute. That would get my blood moving again and I would be able to stay focused for the rest of the class.

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How did OP deserve it? Under normal circumstance, if one is in uni/college they're not likely to wet themselves. I've used this method for some classes so I don't fall asleep. It's surprising how your body will, usually except for OP's case, keep itself awake when you have that slight urge to use the restroom.

could you say you had a "wet" dream?