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By Anonymous - 08/02/2014 00:28 - United States - San Francisco

Today, after my car being in the shop for over a day and with no updates from the dealership, I decided to pay them a visit. The place was almost empty, and they hadn't done any work on my car. But judging by the used condom on my back seat, somebody got their own oil checked. FML
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Grauncho 27

The dealership was almost as empty as whoever's balls are now that was in your backseat.

Unprofessional and unsanitary. My condolences.


Grauncho 27

The dealership was almost as empty as whoever's balls are now that was in your backseat.

So will the guy's wallet along with his balls when they check the security footage and fire his ass!

Grauncho 27

$20 says Earl the mechanic just had a wank in the backseat not wanting to leave a mess behind but forgot about the condom in his post orgasmic euphoria.

lol this is the best thing any OP could have said

You should take pictures of it and show them when they charge you, maybe you'll get a discount

A discount, 58??? A DISCOUNT??? Are you ******* kidding??? I wouldn't pay that company a dime! I'd charge THEM for the cost of getting my car's interior professionally detailed, and if they refused I'd take their asses to court and post about the disgusting irresponsible shit that happened to my car all over every single ******* review site I could find on the internet and report them to the BBB!

Whoa everyone take it easy, it was obviously just a misunderstanding. Someone just accidentally wrote down "the wanks" instead of "the works".

62, I was being sarcastic, I would be PISSED if I were OP

simplysarcastics 26

Gross Op should check car for crabs lol no telling who was back there. I would power wash my seats.

So, laney_bug, to answer my question, yes you were kidding. Thanks for clearing that up. :)

they had to take the car for a test drive!

Sounds like the back seat checked out on the shock absorbers...

They decided that the car needs a BJ ;) (ball joint for the non mechanic readers)

incoherentrmblr 21

Now you know how George Costanza felt...

valentinov 15

The love machine. At least somebody "loves" your car.

I hope when the work is eventually completed you get a hefty discount. Or a voucher for a deep clean

When the work is done? **** no! I wouldn't leave my car there. I'd take it somewhere else to get it fixed and demand that that shop pay to have my car's interior detailed. That is beyond intolerable.

ZY1431 24

well at least your car wasn't ignored.

Jesus. I know mechanics like to **** you over but I didn't know they like to **** in your car as well.

Mechanics like to **** you over? I thought they did the opposite by fixing your main mode of transportation...

#9, some mechanics are brilliant, but sadly there are a lot of them out there that will totally rip you off - unnecessary work/parts/overcharging etc and most laypeople can't call them out on it because they don't know enough about cars.

WompWompWomp123 7

I love people like #36. "Your a dumbass". Ah, the irony.

As a mechanic, I have to agree. I get a lot of business simply because I give the customer options based on their budget and if it's not broken and doesn't show signs of breaking anytime soon, I leave that shit alone. Most of my fellow mechanics will scrape out as much as they can which, in the end, leaves them with less money. And never go to a stealership.

Mechanics really don't like to **** you over 99% of the problem is most mechanics are stupid and the management over them is bad. That creates most of the issues people have with them.

95, why are most mechanics stupid? Do you think it's easy for us to learn how to diagnose and fix a vehicle? And constantly have to keep up with technology with each passing year?

I myself work on vehicles and am actually training to do it for a living. I'm not talking about the diagnostics I'm talking about a lack of common sense that a lot of mechanics have.

Hopefully you can report it and get something good from it.

Grauncho 27

A cooler and a turkey baster = child support/profit! ....and possible chlamydia.

Wizardo 33

You could always go to the trading standards agencies to get these people to fix up their act, with things as important as a car (that could be vital to your work for example) its no joke.