Gammy got game

By moetplease - 03/05/2012 16:32 - Singapore

Today, my grandma moved in with us. Along with her 36-year-old boyfriend that none of us knew about. FML
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right! I'm sure op's parents enjoyed having someone new to hang out with...not

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the boyfriend has to remove all the cobwebs before they do anything intimate.

dude that probably means OP parents are older than her gma's boyfriend...

Well, Katie, touché. Also, it's about time you took down that fake picture! You had me fooled!

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hey you got a lot of cobwebs up in hurr..

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Grama had to move in with her kids how can she be rich?

64-- *gasp!*gasp!* Why, I've been google fooled two times in one day!!

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woww lolol , ur grandma wins :P aha .. he must be a gold digger !

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"Are you my new Daddy?"...let one of your parents use that

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Be happy for grandma. Fhl because her grandkid doesn't want that.

Grannys got game. Nothing to worry about until you find her granny panties in your room, then I would suggest buying a lock.

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psh old people arent too old for sex...

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maybe the grandma was raped at 13 and had the OP's mom who then had the OP when she was 20 or so. So the OP could be about 15 which would make the grandma around 48... you cold-hearted bastard.

52, since this is on FML, I'm gonna go ahead and guess that there is a significant age difference. I doubt OP would have posted if granny was late 40s - early 50s. I could very easily be wrong though.

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Not really, because my mom's parents divorced, he got married with a woman younger than my mother herself, they had a daughter and now i have a 14-yr-old Aunt

#52 I love your name!! haha, that dog was hilarious!!

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that's hot you can set up hiden cams and watch them make love :)

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orrr a better idea would be to not do that

my first though would tend to the opposite, but I makes sense... can make some sense... probably can't... doesn't. at all.

Obviously hare is joking I mean that would be disgusting, you all take it like hes being serious.

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Yo 6, that's mad disgusting son. You got some serious problems man. Real talk.

WoW ... She doesn't give a shit about what you could think of it and if you even agree for her boyfriend to move in. Your grandma is a bitch, sorry to say.

grandma's a cougar!!! She's def winning!!

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or boyfriend is a gold digger

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gmilf grand mom id like to ***

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Now that's a serious cougar...

sounds like the beginning of a very kinky porno

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grandma **** isn't kinky!! WTF is wrong with you!

21 agrees with me maybe something is wrong with you

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yeah, I'll go to a psychologist and have that checked out. Sorry for disturbing you!

That's great, you will probably hear them going at it every night now.