By JessBaby - / Monday 4 May 2009 20:44 / United States
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  ryguy997  |  0

242, like 243 said, you couldn't have been born without having one. so you hate your grandma? and if someone in your family died, wouldn't you cry? if not then you are a cold hearted insensitive bas*ard.

  mayumm  |  0

242, must not have much of a life. One of her family members just passed away and shes a "fuckin baby" about it?? And its not like you dont have a grandma either dumbass. Its like me saying YDI for having hands. Grow up junior.

  ryguy997  |  0

that's what she said! lol. but sorry about your grandma, OP. Hope you find a better boyfriend! this sentence is an attempt to bypass the anti flood shield.

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