By dogggg - 14/07/2014 02:10 - India - Pune

Today, I caught my dog drinking from the toilet. After yelling at him, his apology was licking my face. FML
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He was probably just trying to get rid of the taste of his balls.

martialart1st18 19

Ew you need to wash your face.


martialart1st18 19

Ew you need to wash your face.

And keep your toilet clean and shiny! As germ free as possible for future licks! :)

Toilet water is pretty tasty.

#21 Hard to keep your toilet water germ free. It's kind of made for germs.

While you should keep your toilet clean anyway, keeping the lid down is the best solution here. Dog can't drink out of it if he can't get to it.

Been there, tried that and my dog would lift the lid up with his muzzle anyway.

If you have a dog that's capable of lifting the toilet lid with his head, then also keep your bathroom doors closed and make sure he always has clean fresh drinking water in his bowl.

Maybe put some books on the lid? Or duct tape it down? Lmao

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As long as there was no urine or feces in the toilet, then should be no problem. So accept his gift of gratitude!

What about all those invisible germs? Flushing down don't make toilets sterile.

Then you kissed him afterwards for being so nice? :P

He was probably just trying to get rid of the taste of his balls.

lol, u should have given it a french kiss to say u forgive him

brettrb 18

People tend to frown upon things like that.

Um..I don't think people French kiss their dogs.. o.0

Um what your suggesting is border lining **********...

Yeah and dogs have the cleanest mouths...

martin8337 35

I don't know about dogs, but with people, the asshole is cleaner than the mouth.

Any hole will be cleaner than your mouth, because holes are void of anything.

Martin8337 - That's a very annoying myth. How many people get deathly sick from kissing? Now how many people get ill from drinking water contaminated with faeces? Right.

rocker_chick23 27

#6 that is one of the hugest dog myths ever concocted. People have been hospitalized because of a dog bite that became infected. A dog's mouth contains a lot of bacteria that is dangerous to people.

badluckalex 23

why was your face so close to the dog?

martin8337 35

Hopefully the toilet was flushed before the dog drank from it.

Crimson_Summer 10

awh, no harm done, though, eh? he was just being sweet.

Have I been drinking water the wrong way my entire life?