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  saviisneat  |  0

I agree with 54. I wouldn't care if she had pants on. there are more germs in the air than on her pants and you don't seem to be upset OP. I don't live my life in fear of germs, I would never leave a plastic bubble if that were the case.


39 you're retarded, she had to walk into the kitchen or at least be walking towards it in order to see that. ps I love kitchen jokes as much as the next guy, but not on every post. moderators should delete that shit instead of people posting first... in my opinion at least

  joeyl2008  |  29

I'm assuming/hoping that the dad just casually smacked the moms butt with it while he was cooking because if they were using that as in actual sex prop that would be fucking gross

  afatmonkey  |  0

And lose out on some great opertunities in adult enertainment filming? Hell no. Or, as they say in Russia, пелмклвй займ Одера. (hoe did that get stuck up there?)

  lky830  |  0

very true #12... but it's still disturbing anyway you look at one wants to think about their parents having sex. the fact that my parents had sex in order to create me makes me want to be buried alive :(

op, buy your own cooking utensils and hide them in your room. hopefully they aren't gross enough to try that shit in your own personal living space.