By ZeroApostle4Ever - 23/02/2012 08:00 - United States

Today, my dad threw a waffle at my face for his own amusement. FML
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Squirt syrup in his eye for your amusement?

That's our national pastime up here in Canada. Our version of laser tag.

YDI OP simply because you deserve to have a little hilarity and unpredictability in your life. Everyone does. My dad actually stuck a pancake to a cabinet with blowgun darts.

#13, Yeah, but your dad didn't hit your face with a waffle just for his own amusement. How about I slap your face with a pancake releatedly for my own fun?

Then my morning would definately be more interesting and I would have a story to tell for the rest of my life. I invite to perform this kind gesture, my good man!

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It depends on how you look at it. Was he trying to cheer you up or be spiteful?

How about a big slice of bacon smothered with syrup and becin bits with whipped cream on top? For Youtu..I..I I mean for science?

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"Take a bite out of it, rook! Make him look like a dick!" Perfect quote for this FML haha:)

Well OP, do you like waffles? How about pancakes? French toast?

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That's where you throw the hot waffle iron at his face for your own amusement.

And his face melts off and you make him beg for your forgiveness

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Bacon alone is breakfast. And everything else to be exact.

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I can't help but imagine all the starving children who would do anything to have a waffle thrown at their faces. ;_; Oh, and if anyone mentions anything about a a blue waffle, I'm blowing something up.

Number 6 you bastard! Now something's gonna blow up! *runs away screaming*

It's funny cause it didn't happen to me. Lol.

'twas a beautiful story, written in only few words and appeared to lack waffles.

I was making it appealing to OP as he probably wont be needing them anytime soon.

"They threw waffles at me, I threw grenades at them"

And I care about random peoples opinion because? Lol

Because you don't know these random people. Who knows, they might find you and...

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Well throw a waffle back at him!

Exactly. Your dad threw a waffle at you, how did this ruin your day? Throw something back, like the waffle. Or bacon. Food fight!! And when mom comes in you and your dad run in opposite directions.