By maruskasommers - 09/01/2012 09:39 - Czech Republic

Today, I came home with a friend to find my mom scratching my dad's butt with a fork. FML
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LOL WTF. That's... creepy... O_o

It's all about teamwork in a healthy marriage, I bet they're a really happy couple.


LOL WTF. That's... creepy... O_o

And to think they eat off the same utensils...

I didnt want to think about that. Im glad my parents are diverced.

And you'll think of that every time you grab a fork.... Yummy

Who knows what else they've done. No utensil is safe..

Now that's true love :D

I bet you that friend asked A LOT of questions.....

Well, I'd rather scratch it with a fork than with my bare hand... Though the best would be to not do it at all!

and then she gave you that fork to eat your lunch with!

Your mom was forking your dad in the ass.

Ewwww that's gross!! I hope u don't accidentally use that fork to eat...

That's forked up!

I think its safe to say u are scarred for life!

mmm buttscratcha!!

I was eating spagetti while I read this :( yuck

Omg! I'm eating spaghetti too.

Oh come on, someday you'll learn to appreciate a good butt forking too.

These crazy kids, and their forking. I remember the fml days of good old armpit sex.

#71 Lmao you made my day.

Buttscratcher? Buttscratcher? Buttscratcher!

Cute?!?!?! I dont want to know what your definition of beautiful is..

What's wrong with you?

Make sure you don't grab that fork when you eat!!!


That's sexy?????? Ewww

Where are the sarcasm people?! I felt like it was a warning.

it was a joke dumbshits

Um armandoX113 they r not dumbshits and u cannot say stuff THT nasty is cute

Should have stop, and slowly walk away.

at least they werent having sex

It's still a bad visual. Very bad. I'd be poking my eyes out.

120-not with that fork you won't.

U already said that dipshit

It's all about teamwork in a healthy marriage, I bet they're a really happy couple.

"Oh honey!! Mmm get the spoon! After that it's your turn!"

It's better than seeing them having....actually no, nevermind sex is natural, scratching someone's ass with a fork is not.

She was hungry..? In all seriousness though, I hope you made sure that fork stayed out of the silverware drawer.

Hungry for what?! Butt skin flakes? *shudders*

Your reply reminded me of that segment from Austin Powers Goldmember where what's his name eats his dried skin flakes.. *shivers* :D

Hungry for some hot ass.

Ewwww.... Haha but very funny :)

67 he also had them pee on the skin flakes >.

at least she want stabbing him like Lui Ann's mom enjoy your parents happy marriage

hopefully she did not set the table with that fork included..,

I saw that episode of King Of The Hill. ;)

And he never came back...

Hahaha..thats rude :|

92- why'd you laugh then?

So are you politely and gently trying to tell everyone here that your dad lets your mom fork him in the ass? See what I did there?

Clever.. Lol. :D

Clever, I like it!

Spooning leads to forking, and if you catch them forking, you could cut the tension with a knife.

????nice one brah

If he lets her fork him, i hope she lets him pork her

Then they spoon together.

After they chicken to the motel.

Imagine all the food eaten with those forks...