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  jpjruler  |  0

haha that's funny lol. common he was just intrigued give him a break lol. plus it's not like the spider did any physical harm to you so big deal lol suck it up :P

  jpjruler  |  0

#17 true. but I don't see how a spider can be traumatic in any way whatsoever. granted most people carry a phobia of them they still aren't that big of a deal. all Im saying is there's no need to fly off the handle and dump the guy just cuz he was filming something that is actually kind of comical.

  Brittneyyyy  |  7

Umm well I'll be honest, I'd be somewhat traumatized haha. I'm not afraid of very many things but I nearly have a panic attack whenever I see a spider. Idk, if I watched a video of myself eating a spider in my sleep I'd be kinda freaked out :O

  tienjt  |  3

I believe the "eating 8 spiders in your sleep in a lifetime" fact was made to see how people would believe anything on the internet was true. How the hell would you prove it true anyway?


they probably record the life of like 100 people and then have thousands of analysts review the tapes and count the number of times a person ate a spider. then they take the average, and voila!
thats how they know the average person eats 8 spiders in his lifetime

  therealbmw  |  2

an average of 8 spiders is true renmbr average not evryone and it is proven because alot of people sleep with their mouth open and spiders love dark wet places and they crawl down your throat and eventualy get consumed u won't even notice unless you wake up with one in your mouth then your SOL

  FweakofCydonia  |  40

No, someone wanted to study internet gullibility so they sent that statement across the internet to see how many people would believe that. Source: Several professors.

  oogie_boggie  |  0

i have a phobia of spiders and i heard that thing about the the average spiders that go in ur mouth is 8 but i thought that was fake im scared now.... eight legs eight eyes ughh freakin myself out

By  noora619  |  0

ahhaha omgg i would put that on youtube but try to close your mouth when your sleeping and a good bf would wake you up before it would get in your mouth


It's all ridiculous. How would anyone discover or prove that fact? And the average should vary vastly according to where and how you live-- living in a doorless hut in the African bush would theoretically raise the average, but sleeping in the exact same place, only under a mosquito net would drastically lower it. Snorers or people with sinus issues would have a higher average than closed-mouth sleepers in the same house. It's just silly to trust info like that.

There's a link to how the story started up in the first thread. It's a rather enlightening article about how people will believe anything on the internet.

By  Jesycuh  |  0

Ha! I wouldn't slapped him right across the head!
FYL OP, you should get him back. :]
P.S I accidentally hit the "you deserved it" button, stupid touch screen phones but I mean that your life sucks.