By Anonymous - 20/09/2010 14:58 - United Kingdom

Today, I walked in on my dad touching his knob, in the kitchen, while cooking. FML
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Gross. Just gross.

a new ingredient to a recipe. yum


Gross. Just gross.

he was making extra gravy! what are you complaining about?!? lol op fyl. But no one said you have to eat the food..

oh man I would not want to be you

How would beating up a dog make anyone feel better? I really hope you don't own any pets. -.-

Maldito, the comments keep switching. ): My original comment was meant for SAMHAIN (#3).

eggs and sausage !

I think the real question here is if he is a dilf? :)

anyone want some ranch?

Intentional double entendre, 20? If so, nicely done.

the knob on the stove?

#101 I hope your joking.

You better be 101... 103 beat me to it though...

#3 looks like rick asley

so what? I do this all the time

slob on my knob like corn on the cob

ydi for calling a dick a knob

did u get him off and use his jizz for seasoning?

he turned both the stove and himself on

#117 haha i watched that movie! im talking abt the girl in ur picture btw xD

biscuits and gravy with extra gravy? hahahaaa

for once u can't say ydi for not being in the kitchen....

152, I bet she's a damn site better looking than you seeing as your obviously too paranoid about your own looks to display a picture of yourself while bitching about other peoples appearences. Oh and great picture by the way been playing days upon days of call of duty recently while you smear your keyboard in gravy?? Even if you are the greatest looking guy in the world your not gonna get anyone with a terrible personality like yours. enjoy your cheeto's you smelly little virgin.

who the fuck calls a penis a "knob"?

who the fuck calls a dick "penis" whose calls it a "knob"??? lol

Its just old man nut butter whats not to love!!

yfi for saying knob.

tweetbaby14 18

why does it seem like all British people call penises knobs? and OP ask him if he would like a hand or a mouth...

haha fyl xD

now that's multitasking

#117 looks like a retard.

a new ingredient to a recipe. yum

ninja'd >:|

hahaha that's nasty!

whats with knob?

Fail, I meant to say 161

WTF my first coment died :(

he's adding spur cream ^.^

cream of sum old guy sounds like a terrible dish

Waynes World reference ftw!

Guess you're not eating at home today. If I were you I'd go out and buy a nice cheeseburger :@

Yea , where some teen was touching his knob while spitting on your burger?

Was he making cream filled pastries?

Oh, ew. lol


ok, thats just gross!

Bet that was a fun moment. And by fun, I mean awkward.

i like MW2!!!!!!!! and boobies

^ and you're a fucking loser who needs to find something better to do than diss random people that didn't do anything to deserve it.

For a 30 year old, 152, you act suspiciously like a three year old.

What are you guys reading? I read "I'm a fucking douche." Then again, I'm fluent in stupid.

Da sky yo!

YDI for using the word "knob" p.s. Don't eat the mayo ;)

haha. I agree.

they're from the UK ya twat

Nice etiquette. Wait a minute...

high five!

hope u like whats for dinner

oops. lol, i'd never eat what he'd cook ever again

Oh gross!! I'd never eat at home again!!!!