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Today, after I went to collect my pay for babysitting, the girl's dad pulled the old "Can I pay you in Trident Layers?" bull on me. Hoping to show that I wasn't going to play ball, I told him that watching his gran inhale a cock would be funnier. If scowls could kill... FML
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ellybelly_502 4

Wow your unprofessional.. And an ass

oreobunbun 3

The dad was just ******* joking!

You're a total bitch, OP. The dad was just joking. Just go die, you asshole.

Pandaloverr 0

I woulda' been happy with what I got . Only spearmint though ..

Damn_Hippster 11

I would have taken the trident layers... Op your a total douche!

blackheart24 10

Op is ****** up. If scowls could kill this FML would be better.

Yes FYL, because he is never going to hire you again dumbass. Idiots nowadays...

TBH OP you are a jerk. YDI !!! But if you regret it then apologize .... Asshole -.-

^ Wow, you're unprofessional and an ass.

Guess you jumped the gun there, sometimes it pays to bite your tongue, so to speak.

At first I thought this was funny, and then I realized OP is a douche. Like there's some things you just keep to yourself, and this is one of them.

Even if the father was serious, a response like that is uncalled for. Professionalism is important, even if your employer makes a dumb joke. You say shit like that to your friends- even then it might cross a line. You deserved that. If I was the father, I wouldn't have paid you at all after that.

I agree with #1. I would beat your ass, then not pay you. Guess you're out of a job...

melonrind 8

Now op doesn't have Trident Layers.........or a job!

Lol! I get it ;). The original responder shouldn't be allowed to get that many thumbs up for such terrible grammar.

rallets 22

seriously wtf is wrong with OP. that's just not something u say, dumbass.

Where I come from I would have ended up getting paid with a butt whooping and sent home to my Daddy for the same.

snagglepaste 0

That was really ****** ballsy op.

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Those trident layers commercials make me rage, even more so when someone thinks they're being funny by mimicking it in life.

wow you can expect never to be called again....

ncolby7 0
Helldemon 32

I hope he didn't pay your ignorant, disrespectful ass.

Michaelsmith1502 4


It's people like you OP that just makes me want to punch you in the face as hard as I can...

Can someone explain this to me? I've never seen FMLs worded so terribly

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

My guess is OP has a fetish for older woman giving blow jobs...and wants to be apart of it

me_gusta_eso 1
hotPinklipstick 24

What would possess you to say something like that to your employeer? That is beyond unprofessional and just plain rude. OP why don't you go choke on a dick.

Seeing as how the dad was probably joking and most likely would have paid you, you are a complete dumb ass. Good luck trying to babysit someone else's kids el fucktard.

I know! Why would u say that? Are u an idiot?

That guy must have been on some crack or some shit

Sebash_fml 0

OP should have taken the gum for that dirty mouth!

110-it was the babysitter that made the stupid remark!

Buttsexpirate 9

Way to be a rude little shit and perpetuate the stereotype that teens are assholes OP.

ohdearkristen 0

How do you know it's a teenager? But yeah, OP, I'd be surprised if they let you babysit again.

cj7geojeep 0

Your right 17...there is no way op is a teenager. I know if I had kids, I would let a random 45 year old dude watch them. Lol (please don't hate me. Yes, it was sarcasm)

A simple "No, I'd rather cash," would've sufficed.

MagicGiraffe 12

17- it's most definitely a teenager, who else would be so naive to think that was an appropriate response, or think thy crass and rude behavior is what makes someone respected...

LegalyWhite 7

Dont be a dick and call ALL teens assholes... Thats just not kool

yollew 5

Thank you, Buttsexpirate, for proving that teens can be mature and perverted/rude in any way. I think we all can learn a valuable lesson from Buttsexpirate, don't you?

yollew 5

can't not can at the first 'can'.... Sorry BSP... I have failed teenagers all around with my typing error.... Please look past that, you totally mature and harmless adults.

Yollew, I don't think you understood what Buttsexpirate was saying... She said that OP was acting in a way that reinforced the stereotype that teens are rude, obnoxious pieces of shit. Which not all teens are, but that's why it's called a stereotype.

The kind that sniffs your seat after you get up and leave...

the kind that walks far too close behind you

perdix 29

The kind that is into GILF, or "Mature," ****. Now that I've helped you find the category, go find some grans inhaling cocks and laugh yourself to ******!

To all the GILFS & MILFS we've loved before... Hopefully OP isn't carrying for "granny" instead of little Johnny or Susie. What am I saying: F the L of whoever he sits.

The kind that goes around and destroys combos that were YEARS in the making.

The kind that sits across to you and repeats every word that your saying under their breath (fml reference)

I feel sorry for the kids you babysat. What'd you tell them, that they were the result of a drunken sex orgy gone wrong and that their parents didn't love them??

g_ayvel 11

I don't know why 90 is being thumbed down,it's true most guys do not babysit

LegalyWhite 7

I agree all he had to do was shrug the some what korny joke off. He obivisouly was gunna pay

I don't understand what being male has to do with babysitting a girl. When you're a babysitter you don't limit yourself to one sex.

puppydog 12

Oh yeah, **** YOUR life... you jackass.

Wait. What the actual ****. Why would you say that? Just... why?

No words can properly express how stupid this is.