By Anonymous - United States
Today, after I went to collect my pay for babysitting, the girl's dad pulled the old "Can I pay you in Trident Layers?" bull on me. Hoping to show that I wasn't going to play ball, I told him that watching his gran inhale a cock would be funnier. If scowls could kill... FML
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Even if the father was serious, a response like that is uncalled for. Professionalism is important, even if your employer makes a dumb joke. You say shit like that to your friends- even then it might cross a line. You deserved that. If I was the father, I wouldn't have paid you at all after that.

  iiNommBaconz  |  0

Seeing as how the dad was probably joking and most likely would have paid you, you are a complete dumb ass. Good luck trying to babysit someone else's kids el fucktard.

  cj7geojeep  |  0

Your right 17...there is no way op is a teenager. I know if I had kids, I would let a random 45 year old dude watch them. Lol

(please don't hate me. Yes, it was sarcasm)

  taptaptapity  |  2

17- it's most definitely a teenager, who else would be so naive to think that was an appropriate response, or think thy crass and rude behavior is what makes someone respected...

  yollew  |  5

Thank you, Buttsexpirate, for proving that teens can be mature and perverted/rude in any way. I think we all can learn a valuable lesson from Buttsexpirate, don't you?

  yollew  |  5

can't not can at the first 'can'.... Sorry BSP... I have failed teenagers all around with my typing error.... Please look past that, you totally mature and harmless adults.

  mk58  |  31

Yollew, I don't think you understood what Buttsexpirate was saying...

She said that OP was acting in a way that reinforced the stereotype that teens are rude, obnoxious pieces of shit. Which not all teens are, but that's why it's called a stereotype.

  perdix  |  29

The kind that is into GILF, or "Mature," porn. Now that I've helped you find the category, go find some grans inhaling cocks and laugh yourself to orgasm!

  rabbittboi  |  18

To all the GILFS & MILFS we've loved before...

Hopefully OP isn't carrying for "granny" instead of little Johnny or Susie.
What am I saying: F the L of whoever he sits.