By Clauric - Ireland
Today, the passport office informed me I won't get my passport in time to go on holidays. However, they took the money for the passport out of my account 2 months ago, causing me to go overdrawn, and not pay my travel insurance. The same insurance I needed to get the cost of the holiday back. FML
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  meleftone  |  0

Actually at the moment in the passport office in Ireland there is a "go slow" on (Unions vs Government) so people are having to wait unusually long times to get passports. But when news of this breached there was an unusual ammount of requests for passports. This FML is real.

  urihou  |  0

Actually, expedited service is $60. If you could visit the regional office/passport agency, same day issuance is possible. You just need to show them an itineary that proves you're leaving the country in 14 days or less/ 30 days or less if you need to apply for visa

By  ModerateMan  |  0

Contact your local Congressman's office. They have the power to expadite the process, tell them about your case and explain the extrenuating circumstances of how you need your passport to travel in the upcoming months.

By  groovis  |  2

I call fake. First off having lived and worked abroad for almost 12 years and holding passports for both Canada and the UK I have rarely encountered a two month plus turn-around on passports. Second for a fee any passport can be "rushed"

  groovis  |  2

Third, the same process that allowed them to take their money causing an overdrawn account would have allowed your insurance payment to go through, since if your account doesn't allow a negative balance your passport fee would have been rejected outright.

Finally if you have that little money you can't afford a vacation holiday anyway so ultimately if this crap is true, they did you a favour. Really!!

  jimbo_star  |  0

Well in Ireland there is a strike in the passport office at the minute and there are huge delays on all travel documentation so it's plausible in that regard.

  jimbo_star  |  0

2 months should be more than enough time to receive your travel documents in fairness, there is a strike at the minute in Ireland however which has caused silly huge delays so it's not all that reasonable to say the OP didn't plan ahead.

  st0815  |  9

Yeah, but the insurance part was his fault. He knew he had to pay both.

Actually he was in luck there: the travel insurance wouldn't have paid in this case anyway, it has extremely limited scope. So he ended up saving a little bit of money.

By  ciarastrophy  |  0

So you all know, there's currently a big strike going on in the passport office, here in Ireland. It's been going on for three months, and I know loads of people who have missed weddings and funerals thanks to this. FYL, dude.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Not really. For instance, if OP had 50 in his/her account and they debited 60 for the passport, that would have overdrawn the account. After that, any transaction would've probably rejected.

By  lky830  |  0

fyl, but you should really get a passport situation straightened out about 6 months in advance. they like to take their sweet ass time.

not to say you didn't, especially after Reading that comment about that strike in Ireland. but still!

By  alice997  |  6

For all those that are saying YDI, you don't understand. There is a strike in the passport office in Dublin over pay cuts, and there is a backlog of about 40,000 passports. There has been near riots in the passport offices for the past few days. The OP is one of thousands facing the prospect of having no passports for emgements they need to be at very urgently. So please don't say YDI when you don't understand. It's not the OP's fault.

  kikiface  |  1

how is it not the op's fault for not having enough money to cover both the travel insurance and the passport fees? no one is saying "ydi for not getting your passport," it's "ydi for not being able to manage your money"

  avoidthegirl  |  6

Kiki's right. OP clearly didn't have enough money for their passport and travel insurance, which means they probably didn't have enough money to travel in the first place.

  Tombstoney  |  0

No, the point was he wouldn't have needed the travel insurance two months ago which was when he paid for the passport - except for the industrial action called since then which stops him from getting his passport.
So now he needs it to get the cost of his holiday back - which was a completely unforseeable circumstance.

  kikiface  |  1

actually, the point is that op didn't even have enough to cover the passport fees alone, since that made his/her account overdrawn. so either way, they can't afford a vacation. i don't see how this would confuse you