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Today, I came out to my parents. I don't really fit any stereotype, I'm just an average guy who happens to be into guys. Ten minutes later, I overheard my mother say to my step-dad, "Should we redecorate his room pink?" FML
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lexiieeex3 32

I hate it when people give in to stereotypes. Good for you for coming out though.


lexiieeex3 32

I hate it when people give in to stereotypes. Good for you for coming out though.

morganrules123 10

It's better that they believe steryotypes than them hating you. I'm sure they'll eventually stop being idiots.

ruabadfishtoo 0

It's good they accept him, but they seem a little ignorant.

JocelynKaulitz 28

I can't really tell if they were being sarcastic or not…

At least they're trying to support you, it can't be easy knowing how to act at first even though thy should be the exact same it'd be confusing for them at first.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

When my older brother came out, it was a huge shock. No one hated him or treated him different but my parents didn't even know what to do, even though they didn't need to do anything. My mom tried to get him into knitting. SMH.

You should have a talk and explain to them that you're not suddenly a different person just because you like guys. I really think it's sad how so many people don't understand that real people rarely fit into stereo-types.

saderboi41 10

I agree. Stereotyping is part of the reason people don't get along with other people who are their definition of "different".

I have to say when I read this I laughed. At least they don't hate him for being that way and he has to expect this when coming out to anyone.

free2speak 14

Or you know... maybe they were just being supportive in their weird parent way. I wish there was "your life is average" button for this FML. I know a few friends and a friends of friends who were outed by their families once they came out (hello, Mississippi!) and for one friend, her house was turned into a neighborhood drama scene and her father even pulled out a gun and told her he'd rather see his daughter his daughter dead than be a "c***-licking-devil's-spawn" :O so glad she's moved away! Anyway, yeah, your life is pretty average... neither FYL or YDI really apply to you.

At least ur parents accept u. Anyways u coul always talk to them. They seem ready to listen

Why? Not their fault that they found out they have a daughter

HEY, WHAT'S WRONG WITH PINK?! It's the color of bacon.

Yourheadache 19

I agree and its very sweet of her :p

32 - WOW those are some huuuuge eyes. Are they real?

Yes obviously they are real. You can easily get them done at your local plastic surgeon.

Better they think you like pink than you getting disowned, right?

29- yeah, that's true, but OP doesn't like 'bacon'

29- I thought bacon is brown 74- bacon means pussy? Since when weirdo.

But bacon is so greasy! He's gay, he would never go for something as heart-attack causing, artery clogging, fat giving as bacon No matter how delicious

silbot 11

Yeah, she may not be 100% understanding, but at least she accepts him.

maxmex13 7

132 - i think he meant when its raw cause thats how real men eat bacon

"and maybe have another son for him to fk."

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Hahaha you three don't tell anyone. I fixed it lol. FFFFUUUCK YOU LAG!

p3mguin 7

So many dislikes on one thread! Dislike me for the FML gods

105 - Do you have a problem with us gays? We deserve love just as much as anyone else does. We can't help the way we're born. You ACTUALLY think we'd choose this if we could? Being ridiculed and shot down constantly just for being attracted to people of the same sex? Ignorant asses like you sicken me.

Hey, it's not like OP had a choice. Saying "YDI for being gay" is like saying "YDI for being black," or "YDI for being a girl." You see where I'm getting it? Being a homosexual is as normal as being a different race or a different gender.

Good think there aren't Chick-Fil -a's in UK...

^Grammar Nazi. We all know what he meant... Chill...

Good thing? Speak for your self, Chick-fil-a has the best chicken and it sucks that people in the UK don't have. No matter what the owners opinion is... it's one of those where you gotta say "**** it, the chickens more important."

littlecuntcats 6

If that's how y'all look at Chik-fli-a's view on marriage, you should stop buying gas. In Saudi Arabia they believe being homosexual is punishable by death.

So you're mad because you wanted to be the interior decorator? You should let your parents know that the pink totally clashes with the carpet.

You caught me. I'm actually a donkey in a man suit. I've been trying to hide it all these years, but I guess I have to come out of the stable now. Who's the ass now? Technically, still me.

lexiieeex3 32

Why the hell are people saying he deserves it?

Not everyone accepts homosexuality as a lifestyle. That's my guess.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Because they are ignorant asshats who think being gay is a sin, and have their heads too far up their own ass to realize love is love , and gender shouldn't get in the way of how you feel.

Shadow_Phantom 26

^18, 24: Yes, sadly. FYL for having stereotyping parents, but at least they didn't call you "unnatural" or beat you, or some nonsense of the sort...

It's good you came out OP and it sounds like their accepting but not fully understanding that the stereotype doesn't really hold true. Plus what's wrong with liking pink and being straight? It's not a girly colour in the first place.

Hmmm stereotypes much, 24? I'm not religious and also don't like homosexuality. Ever thought people don't like it because it's disgusting and unnatural?

To account for some of them, people like me accidentally click ydi on mobile devices. They're so close together and respond to the slightest touch!

A7X_LoVeee 10

Some people see that there are so many fewer YDI than FYL and click it to feel like they're special. Idiotic, really. And some people like to be a jerk on the internet as long as they can and not too many people have done so yet.

saderboi41 10

Sometimes it happens accidentally, sometimes people are assholes, and sometimes if the ydi number is something like 999 I'll click ydi just to make it even. I always feel really bad when I do that so I always click fyl as well.

e_r_i_c_a 4

One of the reasons why prople said YDI could be because the situation isn't all that bad. He came out to his parents, and even though they were sterotyping him they still seemed to except and love him.

Being homosexual is wonderful, I love being flamboyant.

Thumbs up for being a (listed) male who posts a mean girls quote, even though it doesn't necessarily fit the FML.

Completely irrelevant comment, but hey, I'll thumb up a Mean Girls quote any day. :)

mrnuleef 7

Its because he's a mathlete/badass mc.

flipcrazy 0

Yeah they should and when they're done they should redecorate your moms side of your parents room to look like a kitchen, and your dads side to look like a thing. It's only fair.

nattynatters 14

15- "sports... Place thing," made me giggle.

Dusty_Busters 15