By MellyBee - 08/08/2012 03:15 - Canada - Montreal

Today, I was bagging my groceries when I accidentally smacked myself in the face with a box of popsicles, giving myself a nose bleed. I found out that the cashier hates the sight of blood when she passed out behind the register. They called security on me. FML
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MellyBee tells us more.

I'm happy to inform you #23 that the popsicles survived the accident, and many of them are already in my belly! ;-)

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mtrrace 4

Well at least you have something cold to put on your nose to keep it from swelling


NoahStaz 3

The nice lady just went through the trouble of selling those to you and you went and freaked her out. That is MEAN

I didn't know people actually had to try and sell Popsicles nowadays, when I was a kid, I just saw Fred, Barney and Dino and I knew I wanted it.

Goodbye everyone I'm leaving fml! Have funnnnnnnnn Maaaakingg Lovellly comments!

ruabadfishtoo 0

The popsicles underwent emergency surgery and are currently in the ice box in stable condition.

She could've been mean for all you know.

Slender_Man 6

9- your pic goes perfect with 1's comment

Am I the only one who found this funny?

NoahStaz 3

I think the humor I put into my comment was lost. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

ruabadfishtoo 0

I would assume by smashing an object against one's nose whilst bagging groceries in front of a cashier who can't stand blood.

24, What you speak off is madness..... madness I tell you!!

what you speak off? hm... yknow I speak off all the time, it's actually one of my hobbies..

But how does one manage to do this? It takes some major coordination problems to hit yourself with a box in the face hard enough to make blood.

This was my FML... I'm really not an easy bleeder, that's the crazy part!

I can just imagine the scenario if OP went to the slammer... Cellmate #1: Awww damn, I wish I didn't kill my boss at work... Cellmate #2: Yeah... I wish I didn't rob that bank.... Cellmate #1: Say, Mellybee.... what happened to you? OP: It all started when I assaulted my own face with a box of Popsicles...

Woah... First time I've seen an OP respond... Hows that nose doin, OP? A better question is: How's that cashier doin?

First time I've seen an OP reply, too lol... My nose was pretty bruised and took days to fade, but overall I'm fine! And the cashier was awake by the time I left the store, so I'm assuming she's fine as well. :)

Whoa, I never have saw an op comment on there own fml!

I don't blame the cashier. Every time I see blood I get queazy as shit. I guess calling security is going a bit overboard though.

Could've been an automatic kinda thing, OR the people who watch the security cams actually DO watch it and are able to contact local security in order to engage/ restrain suspect/ threat

cant see blood, yet you like hockey. and the canucks.

40 - kewl story breaweh. No one cares what you think about something that has nothing to do with the FML.

Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps me control the chaos.

81- SHIT, where's Doc when you need him!

I used to be a great shopper like you... until I took a popsicle to the nose.

Bagging is an "away from the face" motion, not towards.

I don't really think that when I'm bagging groceries. 'Oh, let me remember to do this away from my face.' I don't blame OP. Casualties happen all the time.

Mommyof2_91 10

Op could have been looking for the barcode. I can see that happening

Your profile picture matches your comment perfectly

mtrrace 4

Well at least you have something cold to put on your nose to keep it from swelling

But how would you even do this to begin with!?

I bet as you were being dragged away by security, some pedophile came by and stole the popsicles too.

morganrules123 10

I bet he keeps them in his cellar.

One has to be a pedophile to steal Popsicles now?

Maybe it was Herbert. His Popsicle stash does get low every now and then.

Slender_Man 6

Well, that escalated quickly!

krylonpony 3

Pedophile and Popsicles, only thing comes to mind is that one family guy episode where old man Herbert tried to persuade Chris to come into his cellar full of "I.C.E C.O.L.D." Popsicles

That isn't funny. My little brother was taken and thank god the police found him a month later. He has emotional ( and physical ) scars that will last him a lifetime. Jokes like yours aren't helping.

lexiieeex3 32

What a dangerous grocery store.

They called security? That seems overly harsh. I'd be giving them a piece of my mind about that.

Ins0mau 20

The other staff probably saw blood and someone out cold. Sounds reasonable. It's not their fault they didn't see the whole thing happen.

doesn't the cashier bag the groceries for you?

They do things differently in Canada. I mean for god sake, their milk comes in BAGS! BAGS!!!!

ruabadfishtoo 0

I live in Canada and sometimes there are baggers. Also milk in bags is cool. Everytime I change a bag I pretend like its a baby in my arms c:

Matty1188 6

There are a lot of places with self checkouts.

yes but there's no cashier at self checkouts. just people monitoring them. I can understand Canada being different though.

Wait? We get milk in bags?! How the **** did I miss that? And yeah, some stores bag them for you, others don't.

Usually for us the cashier charges the grocies thens sends them done a conveyor belt, with bags. There you bag them.

25) DAFUQ??? Everything I know is wrong! Up is down, right is left and short is long! And everything I ever thought was so important doesn't really matter!

25 - I live in California and in my elementary school they would give us milk in bags. I would hate it because in order to drink it you have to use a straw to poke it in. I would always pop it and it would end up spilling. How can they trust children with milk in bags?

25-milk only comes in bags on the east coast as far as I've seen... I live in Alberta and I've only ever seen cartons :3

Not every province gets milk in bags...

At superstore you have to do it yourself.