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Today, I came home to find a note on my door from the neighbor saying "I saw a coyote eat your dog, but was afraid it was rabid." FML
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Your dog must have looked like the Road Runner.. :( sorry for your loss OP.

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Where do you live?


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Where do you live?

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Maybe somewhere up in the mountains or in the subs. As heartless it is you dont have to be very close if you have a gun. Then again coyotes are scared of anything.

Lonely towns in Wyoming have lots of coyotes and snakes.

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Coyotes seem to be Thriving. In upstate NY, I didn't hear much about coyotes in the 90s, but now I keep hearing about them confronting adults (while in groups), eating cats/dogs, and harassing cows.

In NH the coyotes are huge - most people think they are wolf/coyote hybrids. They hunt in packs, take down deer and sheep, and they aren't afraid of people...

Oh no they didn't harrass them cows!!!!

Arizona has a ton. A friend of mine's cat got eaten by one.

Yeah, those coyote gangs are pretty bad, but once they started tipping cows, I knew they were serious.

My cat got eaten by a coyote here in northern Nevada.

Las Vegas has a bunch, they roam the golf courses and other things at night... Several of my friends' animals have been eaten here.

My cousins dog got killed by one here in New Mexico.

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Theres a bunch of coyote in Mississippi

57, eating the pets and attacking humans isn't a sign of a thriving coyote population. It's a sign I a desperate one. They're being pushed out of their habitat unfortunately, forcing them to find new food sources, and forcing them to be a little braver.

Pretty much every state but Hawaii has coyotes.

We have a shit-tonne in Canada. However, no one I know has ever lost a pet to one. Either our coyotes are very Canadian and thus extremely polite, or we're just not stupid enough to leave our pets outside.

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We have a ton here in PA but open hunting on them. They scavenge, eat small pray and the occasional chicken or rat dog. I love the polite Canadian coyote comment. Ha that rocks.

At # 112 a small little town called Silver city.

115- with winters only rivaled by Russia; if you left your pet outside it would freeze lol

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115 and 123- thank you! I have cats, chickens,coyotes and foxes on my land. I've lost exactly 1 chicken to a predator and that was a hawk. If its night or I know a mother coyote or fox is denning nearby I keep cats and chickens in. They go out during the day only and into fenced runs so they dont destroy wildlife for the cats. Coyotes when studied will leave all human food (pets included) alone if there is sufficient natural food, or it's supplemented with a feeding station away from people. Only hungry coyotes (usually mothers with pups) are driven to go in close to people and kills pets.

I live in Cali and there are coyotes walking behind my house every day

In central Texas we have alot

i'ts a good thing we don't have many on Long Island because my dog would probably be stupds enough to try and play with them...

Your dog must have looked like the Road Runner.. :( sorry for your loss OP.

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You know, I once entered ten puns in a con.... Eh you've already heard this joke. I'm sorry OP! Losing a loved pet is hard, but keep your chin up!

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Op should buy some kind of trap from Acme!

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My dog got eaten by a coyote once... I'm so sorry. :( I hope your getting over the loss

#2 if that was true the coyote would have failed

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. It would've been nicer if your neighbor to tell you in person though.

I think a note was better. The neighbour can't be expected to wait around all day watching for OP to arrive. Besides, with a note you are left alone with your feelimgs which I certainly would appreciate.

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Text message?

You can't text message break up!!!

Who's breaking up?

64 - The dog from this life

May your dog rest in piece-s *ahem

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A coyote in the town? Thats a first that Ive heard of that … Sorry for you though OP

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There are coyotes where I live and i'm only 5 minutes from happens

It's not that rare- I live in the northeast- where the forests are ridiculously massive. There's one in my backyard, and we see coyotes and foxes running around all the time, waiting to snatch up one of our 3 Shih Tsu's.

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I live in northern Wisconsin, so there are coyotes and wolves everywhere.

No one ever said anything about living in town.

Why you got thumbed down is beyond me, it is not like you said something offensive like laughing at Op's loss, all you did was say you've never heard of a coyote in town. The rest of you are just way too harsh.

Dude this is FML if you can't deal with being thumbed down, don't post comments. It happens.

I love in the city in northern va, and there are coyotes near our house all the time...

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Thank you 62 - I did nothing wrong! Just because Im from a country without coyotes :/ now your getting thumbed down - honestly what the hell! ?

4- there are coyotes running in Phoenix all the time And OP, sucks for you :( time to get a bigger dog!

I'm so glad I going to Nevada this weekend, you're allowed to shoot any coyotes you see on the spot there because of the trouble they cause, I'll take one down in memory of OP's dog :)

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7- Ithought I'd give you a tip... the Marines say Oorah, the Army says Hooah and the Navy Seals say Hooyah. Don't insult the memory of those who've died for your freedom by pretending to be a member of the US military.

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17 - To be fair nothing on their profile say "I was in USMC". This looks to me like a little kid that admires and wishes maybe one day to join. If not then you're completely right.

challan 19

40- Perhaps you're right. I was thinking he was trying to catch some Internet tail. My loved ones put themselves in harms way to watch out for me, so I get a little bit fiesty. ;) Thank you sir, for your service.

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17- My husband is in the Air Force and my father is in the Army. I can tell you that none of those are set in stone. Hoorah, Oorah, whatever. It doesn't matter. I've heard people from all branches use all of those phrases. I would know. I grew up on an Army base and now I live on an Air Force base. Don't try and insult other people's intelligence by preaching shit when you a) have no clue what your talking about and b) throw weight around even though you personally never served.

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Hooah? Right? Because thats what marines say... Go to hell. Dont pretend to be in the corps if your not. - A real marine. O and if that is supposed to be a drawing of your yourself- you made your self a boot ass PFC. Dont know if you know that or not.

cornielious 1

Umm actually your wrong... Marines would not be caught dead saying hooah... We definately say oorah. Take your own advice and stop talking about things you know nothing about.

7 - Please ignore all the stupid people. If you really are in the service then think you for serving our country. Regardless of your rank.

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No actually I do know what I'm talking about. You're probably not even in the service. You're probably some retarded teenager who plays CoD all day and that's why you think the Marines are so cool. I lived my entire live in the military society. I know what I'm ******* talking about. Stupid kid.

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Cornielious are you stupid? I'm a Marine and I've heard people say Hooah and Oorah. STFU if you don't know nothing about the corps. Officerwife, don't listen to him. You're absolutely right.

All these Americans switching the subject from dogs being eaten by coyotes, to whose dock is bigger in your own military.. No wonder you guys can't even find guys in caves, you're too busy saying who says the best shout LOL

I have a grandfather in the marine and he says either one. My daddy says hooah, he was in the army. Depends on which generation, I guess.

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66 we found the "guy in the cave" and killed him

don't just randomly kill an animal unless it's doing something harmful. That would be the same as just killing a random human

I know what you're saying, I'm GOING to enlist in the Marines in a few months, it's been my dream to be a Marine ever since I was a kid, I guess I'm just a little too pumped lol. Thanks though ( and I'm 17, not a little kid lol )

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7- congratulations an thank you for your future service. 53- ask your dad if he really would say any of those. As for your husband... Air force so idk. My brother, cousins, grandfathers (both), aunt and lover however have to disagree with you. How dare you say to me the things that you said? I love these people more then life itself.

ive personally never heard a marine say hooah or anything but oorah. but thats just me im sure they say hooah or others. cant we all just get along?!

I was in the USMC, i srved in Iraq from 2003 to 2011

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If only we had a season for hunters. It's only fair right? FYI I'm pro food hunting, but hunting just to kill and waste I find sickening. Oh well I'll just laugh when you have even more coyotes because they increase their litter size to deal with large losses. Please tell me you are at least skinning them out and using some part of them. If not, giving them to someone who will. Certainly I could link you up with someone who'd be more then happy to take any so they don't go to waste.

There's no need to be an pessimistic ass, this dude just lost his dog in a horrible way, show some respect.

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That is a really good idea.When I go to Nevada next week I might do the same thing

I guess Coyote gave up on Roadrunner, your dog was a noble sacrifice OP

I find it hard to think of a decent joke for this. I love dogs. :(

Do you let your dog roam around outside at night? You should know better then that OP. Especially if Coyotes are numerous in the area you live in. But FYL, that's terrible. :(

YDI if you live in an area with coyotes you should keep your pets indoors when you can't supervise them. This would be a FML for the dog.

Oh please tell me your dog's name was Baby! PLEASE tell me the dog's name was Baby! I swear, anyone who does not get this reference...

#12 Don't leave me hanging Doc, anyone who does not get this reference WHAT?

15 read the comment between Doc's comment and yours. Something might click in your head. If you don't know from the movie it came from or Seinfeld you might be to young or something.

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Doc what exactly is your profile picture?

It's a sperm fertilizing an egg

Hatesfate - No, not exactly...

Is it a needle in someone's stomach? (Terrible guess)

Blount force trauma to a skull?

#26 I don't think I'm too young for Seinfeld. I just never actually watched it because I couldn't stand watching it for more than two minutes (no offense to anyone who likes that show). Also, I was being sarcastic...this is why a sarcasm font is needed. And while I'm at it, too*

I think Doc's profile is a CT scan of someone's skull who had some kind of metal fragment imbedded in the brain.

It's a CT scan of a woman that suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

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#26, it is was Seinfeld, the dog's name would be Farfel. I'm guessing it has something to do with Doc's ongoing crusade against Justin Bieber.

Perdix, I have nothing against the kid. I just don't see what all the fuss is about. I think she just needs to be knocked down a few levels. Falafalo - You cheated and read the blog, didn't you!

Sorry Monica. I would agree. We do need a sarcasm font on this site.

I always thought doc's pic was the underside of a mushroom :/

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Actually if you read docbastard's blog, you'll know it is not a sperm fertilizing an egg. Good try though.

raraisbang 12

Edit on above comment - for some reason my iPhone app didn't show me all the comments :) I recommend reason docbastard's blog.

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I don't get it

raraisbang 12

Reading* the blog. Oops.

"A dingo ate my baby!" Anyone remember what movie that originates from?