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  LostInTheZone11  |  28

Duck Season. FIRE! *BANG*

  AnOriginalName  |  19

No, serious question. I know #6 thinks that the neighbours let their rabbit loose and it got into the dog's yard, but how do we know that the dog didn't get loose and get into the neighbours' yard? I know lots of people who have pet rabbits and let them enjoy the open air every so often.

By  EverestMelting  |  23

You should probably go and apologize to the neighbor and make sure they know it was a mistake but we all know you're just going to bury it in your backyard and continue having a false sense of good relations with your neighbor.

  harinakshi  |  4

when I was a kid I had rabbits in my backyard. Safely secured in their cages. That didn't stop a neighborhood dog from jumping the fence and attacking the cages until they opened.
I'll advise the OP not to leave the dead rabbit in their driveway, as my neighbors did, to find out whose rabbit their dog had killed.