By Anonymous - United States - Belmont
Today, I walked outside to see my boyfriend standing on my porch, looking confused. He explained to me that he had attached a prom proposal note to his pet rabbit, and let it inside my house to find me. We went looking for said rabbit, and found my dog halfway through eating it. FML
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  emily4040  |  18

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  RedPillSucks  |  31

True, but most places are simply not liberal enough that people feel comfortable going to the prom as homosexual pairs. So the heteronormative assumption is probably correct.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

Younger people get more and more accepting with each generation. I think gay couples would feel comfortable going to prom together at most high schools at this point.

  moonzombie  |  13

I feel like #90 was referring to another FML about a guy following a girl home and shitting on her doorstep because she didn't give him her number.

At least, I think that's what he was going for. If not, what the fuck, man?

  negb  |  30

An interesting way to ask someone but I imagine even if there wasn't a dog, the bunny would poop in the house and chew things.
OP: "Mom! I just bought my prom dress!"
Mom: "Well go return it and give me the money. The baseboards need to be redone and the tv needs new cables."