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Today, my dog was barking at a squirrel in the yard. I opened the door to let him chase the squirrel. I went to look at the dead squirrel and found out it was the neighbor's chihuahua. FML
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Chihuahuas don't really look like squirrels. Giant demon rats, on the other hand...


Right? Those things are practically rats anyway.

Yeah. I dislike chihuahuas. What was it doing on your yard? It's trespassing so you could just use that excuse, even though it's bullshit.

Are you guys kidding? It doesn't matter if a chihuahua is "basically a rat", it's still a living creature and doesn't deserve to be killed.

@14- So true. And hell, since it's in his yard, he should totally just take the rest of the dog and make some Chinese food.

We're not kidding. People never kid on FML.

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Serizly more seriz than pancake mix.

30 - I agree, chihuahua's barks are very annoying. They yap like there's no tomorrow. But I would rather hear that then some big dogs loud bark.

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29- lol!!! I got modded fir saying cat was Chinese food... apparently dog is ok though :) I'm glad I know the rules now haha

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aha. when you're next hurt I hope someone turns round and says... oh it's only them, let 'em hurt(y)

got two dogs a chihuahua and cheagle ( beagle chihuahua ) and they are real nice and obidient plus my dogs and I are all Mexican jajajajajaja penche gringos

#78 don't put words in my mouth; I never said that I've never killed an insect before, I'm just saying that I think the poor chihuahua didn't deserve to be killed.

i agree with you Liv and i see what you are trying to say. Also small dogs rule. They are big dogs in a small body

#87 - Nowhere did I say that I've never killed an insect, so yes, you did put words in my mouth.

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@78, for you and those who obviously have never studied biology, flies and other insects don't have a neurological system so they are unable to feel pain. However, dogs DO have one and therefore you cannot compare the two.

I must question the fact that your dog would actually kill another dog in the first place, let alone you not even noticing that it's a chiuaha.

you guys are all missing the point. the FML is that the op killed the dog.

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Most people despise toy breed dogs but the chihuahua's owner is probably heartbroken her dog has been killed. Especially since it was violently mauled to death. I have a small lap dog (papillin/chihuahua mix) and a bigger dog (australian cattle dog). Both are very loved. I never liked little dogs much till I got mine. She has a crazy personality.

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for all you people saying "good, it's just a rat." or "they're annoying." that was someones pet, somebody loved that dog. I bet a lot of you have dogs too, so how would you like that? and about the neighbor being irresponsible and letting it run free, I have a chihuahua who crawls under out neighbors fence all the time, while she's on a leash. so it's not always their fault. sorry for the rant. I just love my chihuahua.

I agree. they're close enough to squirrels.

wait so what happened to the squirrel? it made it?

no offense but I think curlsgetthegirls is an super retarded asshole. none of his comments make senses. plus a man who argue too much with a lady? it's just plain retard. (sorry to assume that, but that is a name only a douche bag would give themselves)

ps/ why the hell would op let his dog out to chase the squirrel. anyway this entire FML sounds like OP think it is OK for his dog to kill the squirrel. :s just sayin'.

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Insects do have nervous systems. They experiecnce stimuli, including some pain.

sloppyflow I think you need to grow up, not to be rude or anything, learn to forgive and forgive to learn. after all isn't that the meaning of life? holiuyah

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Sloppyflow, I find it sexist that you imply a woman cannot debate with a man "too much". Are my fragile girl tendencies going to make me faint? Oh boohoo. Sarcasm.

does anyone else find sloppyflows name sexist too?

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sloppy, try and read your own comments. Are you sure you're not speaking for yourself? Sure looks like it.

hey!! I want to be in a pointless argument too!!!!

I have to agree with the not killing the chihuahua side even tho I hate that breed of dog above all else. by the way 78 you may think your smart and winning a pointless argument but there is a difference the dog was someone's pet it was an animal it didn't deserve to die. that Is my opinion you have yours to argue againsts someone's opinion is like try to argue with a wall. also my opinion is your a tool try to change that.

Liv, did you completely miss the point or do you just have no argument against it? By saying that a chihuahua doesn't deserve to die because it's a living creature, you imply that no living creature deserves to die, right? But an insect is a living creature, so if you HAVE killed a living creature, doesn't that make you just as bad as the OP by YOUR OWN STANDARDS?? Damn hypocrite! It's ridiculous that I even have to explain this to you. I'm not saying that I agree or disagree with what you're trying to say, but your argument is really stupid.

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Wtf is with all the chihuahua haters?? I think they're cute and this fml saddens me.

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46 replies to this comment?? SO faviroting this FML!

I guess you can't rely on school anymore, huh? Haha. Anyway, I might have gotten my facts wrong, but you DID mention that the study said SOME insects experience pain and I was told that normal houseflies don't.. so I'm not completely wrong? How much of this is truly accurate? I don't know. Yet, I'm having hard time believing you knew all of that, google is a powerful tool. However, no need to overreact. There's a place in this world for people like you, although we ARE running out of space. It's rude to go around calling people names and putting words in their mouth (must've heard that one before). Never said you were uneducated. Undereducated, maybe. Lazy during class, happens to the best of us. Nonetheless, insects and dogs are not, will never be and have never been comparable. Thanks #136 ;) I'm flattered

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They're dogs. It's in their nature. The chihuahua deserved it simply for lacking the brain power to not taunt a carnivore it couldn't beat. Darwinism in action.

Um...usually when my dog is with other dogs, he doesn't KILL them. Wow your dog is evil. Poor chihuahua. I hope your neighbors sue you.

they're pretty stupid looking. Squirrels are pretty god damn EPIC.

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Quite a few of you seem to be missing the point that the little rat dog was in OP's yard, without permission. Not saying that the rat deserved it, just saying that it's not the OP or OP's dog's fault that OP's dog defended it's turf from an intruder. I feel bad for the rat's owner, not for the rat.

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Who said anything about applying one statement as a universal one? By your logic (presuming you have killed an insect) you would kill the dog given the chance, because hey, what's the difference right? I get the feeling your head is too far up your arse to understand this, but it's worth a shot.

cc_the_beast 6

Sorry all I heard there was "wah wah wah, I'm a dork who likes to win pointless arguments for the sake of it wah wah"

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This is @curlsgetthegirls by the way..... he he

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Ehh?? That doesn't make any sense.

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agreed. chihuahuas are not dogs either so don't fret too much. anything under 25lb and not a puppy is a rotent or cat.

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I'm sorry to say this #114, but you make a really stupid point.

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137 all of his comments are stupid.

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114 I go to UK! But your comments do usually suck. Sorry, guy.

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it's people like him who really REALLY shouldn't reproduce. It almost makes me feel sorry for him..

lmao i bet op felt stupid. but that poor little dog

y would u let ur dog kill something anyway!!!?

I always let my dog kill gophers and rodents. They annoy the **** out of me.

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234, so are you saying a chihuahua is a rodent, because that's what I've been calling them?

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I hate chihuahuas. they get on my nerves with their little barks. -_-

Poor chiua... however the fck u spell that... ig ima stop callin my friend chichiwawa now...

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because thats what dogs do. you stupid ******* hippy.

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it's not heartless just irresponsible of the owner for letting their little pesty rat like dog out of their yard. I think the op should've checked to see what their dog was barking at before op let her out but who knows maybe they did that. either way the neighbors irresponsible and owned the most annoying breed.

And the op isn't irresponsible for letting his dog run out in the open without a leash?

84... it's the OPs yard. so it's not a viable argument you tried there.

Front yard. Typically, as far as I know, people don't fence it in.

In case that wasn't clear enough, op's dog isn't confined to his yard just as the neighbor's dog also was not confined.

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Still... why would you let your dog go after an innocent squirrel?? THAT'S heartless xD

90-The chiuaha coul have dug a hole under the fence which OP's dog wouldn't have been able to get out through, but te other dog could. and OP says YARD not front yard.

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84- op may be responsible too. I just can't tell based on his words. we don't know where he let his dog out.

111 - of course that's a possibility, but then let's not jump on the neighbor for being irresponsible. My case is for the dog being in the front yard, and since op didn't specify, my argument can't be invalid and is reasonable speculation.

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Docscientist, my front yard is fenced. A lot of people fence in their front yard. The stereotypical dream home has a white picket fence out front lol. You should think about changing your screen name.

Because I'm not a scientist on fencing trends? Dreams don't make it a reality. Having a white picket fence is/was a stereotypical dream. I've seen maybe one such case. Maybe it's different where you live, but most people don't have their front yards fenced in. Unless you're the op who can confirm this, I'm not wrong, and you're not wrong. I'm looking at it from another perspective and that seems to be more probable.

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Ahhhhh, who cares? My cats breath smells like cat food.

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you are right about one thing...op`s nieghbors dog is oversized rat

I agree heartless I hope u buy them a new doggie or something

cldean24 4

Doc, you should change the name because you're an idiot. The fact you can't pick up on implication strengthens my suggestion. Think before you speak, and pick out a screen name.


no one likes squirrels so shut up

cldean, you need an argument in the first place to strengthen it. I can't help that you use a desire as evidence for existence as well as being completely unable to pick up on me being facetious in my first sentence. You call me an idiot because I point out the possibility and likelihood that a front yard isn't fenced in and perhaps the owner's dog let his dog run loose? ****, I didn't know this was such a controversial statement I made. I'd hate to see how derisive you are when it comes to issues. Also, don't be angry with me because I received my degree. :)

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OP could have an invisible fence.

the dog might have been trained to stay in the yard and the other dog might have been in the ops yard. you never know. :) and I hardly ever see a house with a fence in the front yard.

hahahahH that's not heartless chihuahas deserve to be killed by real dogs they are annoying as shit

hahahahH that's not heartless chihuahas deserve to be killed by real dogs they are annoying as shit

Ehh... I'm not a chihuahua fan. If OP's neighbors let their dog in OP's yard than that is their problem. Front or back yard is not specified.

I have a hedge round my round yard and a gate but some people have drive ways as their front yard so we don't know whether there was actually grass or anything separating the next door neighbours cos some places share the same front patch but it's just split so each house gets a patch of garden. OP was irresponsible and so was the next door neighbours, but I don't know who will get the blame in court if it's taken that far.

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my yard doesn't have a fence, and neither one of my dogs ever leave the property.

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Truth, squirrels are just rats with fluffy tails. **** them and **** chiwawas.

Chihuahuas don't really look like squirrels. Giant demon rats, on the other hand...

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can you really call them GIANT demon rats? demon rats is acceptable, but giant? I'm not so sure.

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what is your profile pic from?

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I'ts from Cyanide and happiness (on

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5 is Donnie Darco cool movie btw

#98 - digibenho your picture makes me laugh lol xD

Right you are there. They can be mean little bastards too.

giantsfan2010 23

How did you mix those two up?

Seeing as there are squirrels larger than chihuahuas, unless your looking close it can be an easy mistake to make.

giantsfan2010 23

Dang, how big ate the squirrels where you live? haha

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Pretty sure it,s easy to tell a big fluffy tail from a little thin tail..

SuckerPunchurMom 0

lmao! Dam those Mexican rats!

Lol, chihuahuas aren't even big enough to be rats.

SuckerPunchurMom 0

Aww. They do look like squirrels. I have chihuahuas. I love them. :)

SuckerPunchurMom 0

I have 2 of them. One dear head and other big dome. Looks like brain from the Binky and the Brain.

SuckerPunchurMom 0

It's rather ugly. But a cute ugly.

Yeah, I see what you mean. The cute ugly ones are always cuter. :)

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I have one, and it's the most annoying dog in the world.

One of my chihuahua's is really annoying too. I feel your pain. Ha.

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Shoulda shot it with a .22 or an air rifle instead.

digibenho 0

9 and 60... I like how your pics are similar xD (even though 60's pic is a joke) and 9... Douchebags (you) are in the place

I don't know to much about guns but wouldn't a .45 hollow point rip the dog basically in half when it came out the other side.

if a chihuahua was shot with a .45 then the animal would basically disintegrate.

That way you wouldn't have to worry about hiding the evidence.

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100 - the guy is a douche bag because he works out, is in great physical condition, is healthy and is proud of it? The problem with your logic is you don't even know the kid and you are judging him based on appearance. Have you ever heard of a reverse snob?

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187- Posting topless pictures on a website like this is douchey, not being fit.

i prefer .300 win mag for those pests

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or u can get a .408 rifle that should work and did u guys ever think #9's pic is possibly fake...