By GotMyBitchBack - 5/9/2013 11:02 - United States - Zanesville
Today, I got home from work and found my dog missing. When I asked my neighbor if she saw what happened, I saw my dog sleeping on her couch. She tried to say it was hers. FML
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  HotRose  |  18

@18, I don't know, photos maybe, or a vet record, adoption papers? Many different ways to prove an animal is yours. Also, unless OP lives in a unsafe environment and doesn't offer a clean suitable living space for the dog, it doesn't matter how much the dog likes the neighbor.

How would you like it if someone took your pet, claimed it liked them better and was able to keep your pet because of this? Taking someone's animal is stealing, and to some it's like kidnapping. You don't take other peoples animals, ever.

  HotRose  |  18

Dumb questions within the top comments never go well on FML. You're going to be buried, might as well face it like a man, and be smarter next time.

  VasNormandy  |  14

By arriving home to having no dog in the house when prior to leaving the house there was a dog. Le duh. I don't see the point in nit picking over a word that describes his experience perfectly well.

  Goober244  |  12

Shut the fuck up 94, you stupid picky cunt.

  Caitie_kid  |  8

Yes, take your dog back, then take all her lawn ornaments and anything off her porch and put it all in your yard, home, or garage and claim that they're yours.

By  FireNinja  |  3

Wow, and here dogs where suppose to be loyal, what a traitor.

  whopper_sr  |  7

It's fun watching people get upset over such trivial things. Do your research before making baseless accusations like that. Leave it up to Tommy Tuffnuts to insult others over the anonymity of a computer screen.

  meetmadie  |  11

My neighbor did the same thing, except when we came looking for our dog, she said she hadn't seen her, then when we circled back around we saw her walking our dog with her own dogs. When we got her back, she sent a letter to our mom a few days later explaining how to take care of our dog so she wouldn't "run off again". Crazy dog ladies are everywhere.

  DFresh503  |  8

Or, instead of assaulting the lady, he could have just called his dog by her name (OP called it a bitch so I assume female) and that could've solved it? I mean, if the dog didn't come once you called it, that's when you attack, ransack, and run!!!