By Anonymous - 5/8/2020 23:02

Hormonal hell

Today, someone drank a sip of my single serve pasteurized orange juice and put it back in the fridge, ignoring the whole jug of non-pasteurized juice, that I cant drink because im pregnant. I cried. FML
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By  Jaymail  |  17

Is it possible it was an error? And that’s why it was only a sip? If it’s that important to you then buy an ample supply so that “a sip” isn’t as notable. Just be sure to actually drink whatever amount you buy.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

It's your fault.

All you have to do is write "Covid-19 Positive" on your shit and no one will touch it!

Rookie mistake to donate your food to the anarchy of a public fridge without marking it.

By  TxKitten  |  8

I totally get it, OP. My second kiddo was born in November. I had been craving eggnog the last few months of my pregnancy. The manager of that department had given me a date of when it was supposed to come in. I eagerly went to store on that day, only to find there was no eggnog, and that he had been mistaken about the date. I cried in the middle of the store.

By  rotflqtms_  |  18

Then buy all of your juice pasteurized and stop buying single serve ones... buy the full sized ones and tell your family not to drink from the bottle. Tell em to use a cup. (Assuming this happened in your house with your husband and kids)