By ccat209 - 20/12/2016 04:05 - United States - Riverton

Today, my parents finally realized that I've been sneaking vodka when they weren't home. Note to self: don't let them freeze vodka that's actually 75% water. FML
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Hahaha eventually it's going to taste watered down how did you think it would go!


Did you really think they weren't going to catch on eventually? Gotta go with a ydi big time on this one cause yeah you will obviously get away with it because water and vodka look the same but you had to know that they weren't going to drink it eventually..

Hahaha eventually it's going to taste watered down how did you think it would go!

If you're too young to buy your own Vodka, don't make the dumb decision of replacing somebody else's with water and thinking they won't notice. YDI all the way.

if you did not do this you are boring.

Less boring, more like ", "You didn't want to become an alcoholic before you could even legally drink." Which, if you drink underaged, you are statistically more likely to fall victim to.

Or you know not a dumbass. There's no point in drinking underage. And if for whatever rrason you feel you have to at least be smart enough not to get caught stealing from your own parents stash

I'm on medications that don't allow me to drink alcohol for a condition I've had since I was three. Plus I just don't like the taste.

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I was thinking Vodka doesn't freeze but yeah with water it would. Why have you got it watered down so much?

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Probably replaced it with water so they wouldn't notice missing alcohol. I have aunts who did the same thing when they were younger lol.

You should have straight up asked them if you could have some. For most parents, in terms of alcohol, honesty is the best policy.

I am not sure how old you are but if you're hiding vodka from your parents I'm assuming you're underage and shouldn't be consuming alcohol yet. If you're actually the proper age to be drinking and you happen to live with parents who disapprove even if the law states you're allowed to then I'm sorry OP.

Why would parents who disapprove of alcohol possess a bottle of vodka?

Some parents don't disapprove of alcohol exactly (or are, in some cases, outright alcoholics) but disapprove of their child(ren) indulging in alcohol. Most cases it's because they don't want to child to end up addicted.