By billy - 31/03/2015 10:54 - United States - Wellesley Hills

Today, I dislocated my toe while putting on my socks. FML
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JustinJK 21

Don't let your friends toe or you'll be the laughing-sock at all the gatherings.


How did you manage that? But FYL, that must hurt like hell.

I could see Maybe a pinkie toe. that's dislocateable (not a word) if he were to be in a hurry and tanks it on. big toes needs FORCE and other toes is just bad aim with sock putting on

giantsfan2010 23

I'm guessing the sock caught between his toes and he yanked it up?

you deserved that one... sorry but nobody should be in that much of a hurry to get socks on

I'm sorry but a lot of unexpected shit happen in our life And dislocating a toe while putting on socks is one of them So really why can't it happen?

Seeing as you have no background knowledge on OP, you can't assume that he doesn't have to ever be in a hurry. That goes for anyone for that matter.

if you're in that much of a hurry you should have got up or got ready earlier. no reason to be throwing socks on that fast. so why would you be in that much of a hurry?

that's not unexpected shit. that happen because OP wasn't paying attention I'm sure. get ready earlier and you can take your time.

Maybe their alarm didn't go off, maybe there was an emergency, maybe something distracted them. I could list a lot more. I'm just glad I don't have to be around you #4. It would be hard to live up to perfection all the time.

a d-bag. I definitely am. sorry I don't injure myself putting my socks on.

and #38 I don't ask for perfection. but I would suppose getting ready fast would be a good idea in case of a family emergency. but Im sorry still don't feel bad about their toe...

There are loads of situations that make he could be in a hurry. Imagine if he just got a call and his mum was just in a serious car crash and he had to go to the hospital (I really hope that isn't the case), would you not hurry for that? I think so. Would you not feel bad for the toe then?

no. still wouldn't feel bad for their toe... I would hope the family member would be alright but the toe could stay crooked for all I care... I'm an ass I guess but I fully enjoy everyone else's misfortunes... kind of the reason I joined this place... and I'd venture to say that I'm not the only one

Are you Satan? Toes are the most painful thing.

nowhere near Satan. i can be pretty heartless but not that bad and yes toes hurt but fingers hurt worse in my opinion.

BigxXxDeal has no patience for anyone who doesn't toe the line.

Redpuppie 4

He could have a medical condition like ehlers danlos

Redpuppie 4

He could have ehlers danlos syndrome

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I dislocate toes just by walking... You don't know that the OP doesn't have a connective tissue disorder causing their joints to dislocate with very little cause. Maybe their joints go out more than they do! Sorry about your toe, OP. hope it doesn't hurt too much and that it heals soon.

FMLusername969 21

ok guys. enough with attacking #4. It was an innocent comment. #4 i read your profile and you seem like you're a nice guy so don't allow these comments to bully you into convincing yourself that you are a "d-bag" or "the devil ." They are the ones being malicious..

Steer clear of tape on the floor. My grandmother once broke her toe by stubbing it on a piece of tape.

Your pun made me both groan and snort air out my nose in amusement. Take my upvote. spend it well.

if you can do that, may I suggest staying away from the cordless phone?

FieldLeftBlank 20

Yes, I would assume that any dislocated body part requires medical attention.

JustinJK 21

Don't let your friends toe or you'll be the laughing-sock at all the gatherings.