By Unlucky - 09/10/2009 19:52 - United States

Today, as I got up from the couch, my computer, which was next to me, fell on to my pinky toe. It fell just so that the edge of it cut my toe open. I cursed, and hobbled toward the bathroom to get a bandage. As I'm going into the bathroom, I stub said toe on the door jamb. FML
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That's gotta hurt, bro. FYL


Kilala700 17


That's gotta hurt, bro. FYL

It's a chick _____________________________

bro is a generic response, bro.

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I broke my toe rearranging my room it's sad it dint hurt :o

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FYL. That happened to me earlier. I sat down on a floor to do a floor puzzle, and I hit my leg on the bottom of the table I was near. Then I came up and hit my head. @[email protected]

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ouch. hope it was just a laptop.

oooo that must have hurt. soak it in ice water or something.

Now you have toe jam on your door jam. Sounds like those old Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercials. BTW, it's door jamb.

The post originally said "door jam," but the Homonym Fairy came in a fixed it!