By Anonymous - 15/03/2012 20:08 - Canada

Today, a telemarketer called me and asked if they could speak to my "mommy or daddy". I am 25 years old. FML
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Tell him they are busy in their bedroom

Next time, use your best Consuela voice. Thats what I always do. Is your mommy there? No, no, I have no money.


Do you still live with them? Because that's not to good if you are. If not you must have a squeaky voice :p

he never said he lived with his parents...

12- that's exactly why he asked and gave both scenarios.

Thpeech impedimenth you futhers (think lithp)

Say "D-d-daddy is in the front yard, covered in Vaseline acting like a slug. Mom is yelling at midgets, asking where the rest of em are.

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Listen: Economy no bueno so living with parents es bueno.

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Hahaha op didn't list gender cuz its probably a dude and knows he's gonna mean comments.

I'm almost 25 and currently living with my parents again. It's common among graduates these days as apartment/house prices are so high. It's hard to live on your own with today's economy as it is.

1 living with you parents for a while is alot more common now adams I know people that are 30 something and still with his parents

Tell him they are busy in their bedroom

Don't worry, I heard Theodore died of a brain aneurism.. the chipmunks are hiring!

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One of my friends just says "sorry my dads in prison".

57 I heard he died from alcohol poisoning but either way Op should take the gig!

Aww. I am sorry. I hope you get a deeper voice soon. :)

Next time, use your best Consuela voice. Thats what I always do. Is your mommy there? No, no, I have no money.

Let's play 'Are you smarter than a Spanish Maid!?'

Typical. I refuse to finance the lemon pledge.

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Meeester commentors no bueno no bueno just just com comit a sucicide

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Try not to sound like Minnie Mouse when you answer the phone and that won't happen..

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Wait what? Minnie mouse doesn't sound like a young child, if you ask me though she is kind of a bitch. Yeah I said it come at me Disney. Over voice- Gow_chick was never heard from again, and animated creatures danced and sung on her grave, the end

Use a voice scrambler? They are especially useful for scaring the shit out of people.

You still haven't hit puberty? It's now or never.

Justin bieber in the future no offense

I read 14's comment in autotune. Bieber's taking over my life, phrase by phrase.

23- thank you! I also did, but was to embarrassed to admit it. Silly Bieber.

Maybe it's a girl =0. But yeah, i say it's good since you can just tell them they're not home

Tell them you don't know if they'll want to speak with them but you'll call your parents at their house and find out.

Shriek "I'm a ******* orphan! Have some damn respect!!!" Then start hysterically crying.

I spit my coke outta my mouth when i read this and started laughing so hard i cried. Now i have to clean up cola. Lol mini FML.

Tell them daddy's at the bar like every night and mommys wrestling the nieghbour in the bedroom