By laurenasabutton - 30/12/2013 13:07 - United Kingdom - Nottingham

Today, I dropped my suitcase on my toe. Don't worry, it was already broken. FML
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That's what you get for using a broken suitcase

jaycee1209 5

Hope your toe's feeling better


jaycee1209 5

Hope your toe's feeling better

I would kiss your toe to make it feel better... But that would be weird and gross.

That wouldn't be gross or weird! No I'm not lying... Really... Don't be a jerk go kiss his toe. Seriously. Kiss it.

Let's all kiss OP'S toe! Make sure you put some ice on it OP!

Yeah, go to a hospital and get a job kissing people's toes.

#19 *her toe.

:* :* :* . . . better?

this must be the same guy who had his broken foot steped on earlier

Nope, I'm a girl.

Ouch. Hope it didn't get too much worse! Feel better OP!

I wonder if an angry old man just stepped on his toe too.

^The people who downvoted him obviously didn't understand the reference to a previous FML.

ktiskool 18

Ouch!!! That's toe-rrible!

xChaos 29

No... It doesn't work like that...

You shoe'dnt make puns like that

xChaos 29

Ok get out

Omg, 15, I'm wracked with fits of giggles.

JMichael 25

You guys shoedn't string yourselves up so much and take a walk and the wild side.

It clearly did work like that ...

It would suit your toe well if you did not drop suitcases on it

xChaos 29

Guys I'm not playing games I'll call the fucking pun police

this FML made me cringe just by reading it.

That's what you get for using a broken suitcase

Im pretty sure he was talking about his toe being broken #5

OscarDV 8

#11 that's the joke.

12 - a joke? What's that?

Sorry I didnt really understand the joke

wingedangel123 8

#41 With that profile pic, don't expect your relationship status to change from "single" any time soon.

That must have felt awful, hope it gets better soon OP

That's toetably painful

and this little piggy went "SON OF A BITCH, THAT FUCKING HURT!" :)

Thank you for thinking of us! That's very polite. I'm glad I don't have to worry any more.

Already broken? Whoo, what a relief! I was worried there for a moment.

Two negatives can sometimes make a positive! Maybe OP fixed her toe by dropping something on it.. Miracles!

Bunny21 11

This is a real fml lmfao hope it heals soon!!!