By thejanamonster - United States - Geneva
  Today, my boyfriend found an old nude of me on his best friend's PS3. I had no idea this guy existed until we moved in with him. FML
thejanamonster tells us more :
I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years now. The nude was taken and sent to an ex that I thought I could trust before I had even met my boyfriend. The "friend" got it from a friend of his that supplies nudes of girls from the city I moved from. The reason I had no idea who the guy was is because he moved to a different state before I met my boyfriend, but they've been friends for a really long time. My boyfriend took it relatively well and things are perfectly fine between us. Hope this clears up some questions I've seen.
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By  DocBastard  |  38

This happens to me all the time. My stalker takes nudes of me as I undress in front of the open window, do yoga in the nude, watch TV nude, comment on FML in the nude...

  Axel5238  |  29

She may have trusted the person, but some tend to "trust" rather easily and are ignoring the red flags before sending that stuff. Especially with they way things are now really stop sending that stuff out.

  parism143  |  28

#76 if she sent the nude to an ex-boyfriend or something, then she should be able to trust him and if he distributed it then that's a betrayal of her trust and she doesn't deserve it.
Anyway as #78 pointed out we have no way of even knowing how her boyfriend's best friend got the nude

  mariepastyglue  |  30

Just a quick question do your parents know you have this app? Umm your profile says GUY from Sweden uh no you mean little tiny boy from sweden, you should not be on this app you are too young.

  NeatNit  |  32

I think it's pretty obvious. He hired a man named Fred to spy on her and figure out her daily schedule. Then, with his dead brother's assistance, he broke into her house when no one was inside and planted a bomb. The next day, when OP was in the shower, he called her father and explained to him that there is a bomb in his home. He then told him to supply a picture of his daughter within a week or he will blow up the house. The father had no choice but to comply.

Her never said the picture had to be naked though.