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Today, I broke my arm, and posted a picture of my X-ray on Facebook to show everyone how bad the break is. Nobody even asked me if I was OK. FML
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The question is... What else have you posted on Facebook for attention?

Obviously your not ok, you broke your arm !


alliewillie 22

^ this. "just to show everyone how bad it is. No one even asked if I was ok". You're one of the people I hate on Facebook who uses it as a narcissistic playground to tell the whole world (which doesn't care) every moment of your mundane life. Get over yourself.

sbharani96 4

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Must I keep saying this? Your popularity status should not be measured by how many friends or likes/comments u have on FB. What is this world coming to?!?!

I bet if your mates saw you outside they would definitely have commented on your misfortune.

Maybe you can ask that creepy security guard to 'kiss it better'

firefail1031 0

Why does everyone need Facebook to validate their lives? God, why don't you go and SEE your friends like normal people do.

tweetbaby14 18

26, the term is attention *****.

Horcruxer 0

Maybe the thirsty seeker forgot to put a comment with it. Something stupid like, "Aw I broke my arm :( at least it wasn't my good arm lol"

No, they probably saw it and thought, "Ew, that attention ***** posted again. She deserves a broken arm. Time to finally get around to de-friending her." Ydi OP. Also, breaks don't look terribly awful on x-rays. I just fractured my radius all the way through and chipped ...

Phone made me make a new comment? Anyway I also chipped my ulna and the x-ray was seriously unimpressive. Hopefully I get my cast off Monday

^^^ cool story should get it published...

#3 -I also think it's strange that nobody said anything. I recently had surgery to remove an insertion from my arm, posted a picture of the surgeon holding the Implanon with her forceps, and said something along the lines of "Who just had this removed from their arm with no pain medication? This kid. Swag." As a joke, and a good number of my friends liked it and/or commented to say "ewww what the hell is that?! I hope you're okay!" Even though I wasn't posting it for sympathy. I just posted it because I thought it looked cool. I guess everyone's different though....

Torva_fml 16

Oh soooo close...... Just a couple seconds.

Obviously your not ok, you broke your arm !

Next time she should break her backside, then creepy security guards would ask if she's okay.

#4 is right! You're not going to be ok after you break a limb! The better question for them to ask would have been "Are you feeling any better?"

op is one of thise people that craves attention its an ugly trait

Drnightingale 4

I broke my back, I was still Ok.

U broke an arm??? How did u survive??? I hear .9 out of 10 people die from that!! Gee wiz All your friends r jerks for not rushing to your aid

...So 900 000 out of a million people die every year from broken arms? Shit. Broken arms will be challenging cancer for the highest death rate soon...

Maybe ppl are stupid and didnt know what it was. Gotta think of the postives :)

Torva_fml 16

Having to assume that everyone is retarded is good? I Just.... I don't even know how to.... **** this, im leaving.

22cute 17

Maybe all of Op's friends have real lives & don't hang out on FaceBook looking for attention.

The question is... What else have you posted on Facebook for attention?

She probably posted about her one night stand with the Unicorn named Jared. Don't ask how I know this but let's just say I know a little elf named Lucy. :3

I agree... attention ****** always get pissy when something they post on Facebook doesn't get the attention they crave.

My cousin posts similar topics all the time. It's annoying if overdone.

Horcruxer 0

I posted one pic of me at the gym for fun. Got some good feedback tho.

Attention Seeking: You're doing it wrong.

The real question Is will it blend?!

cradle6 13

If you posted it on Facebook most people can reasonably assume you're at least alive.

xbrit551 13

And now OP is getting the attention he/she grave through FML.

12- If they're posting on Facebook, they're a bit more than alive. They're alive and at least conscious.

Mister_Triangle 21

"literally justs died gaiz lol"

Awww poor baby do you want me to kiss your boo-boo?