By Anonymous - 28/01/2012 21:52 - United States

Today, I changed my relationship status on Facebook from "in a relationship" to "single." I forgot to take my phone to work, and when I got back, I saw someone had replied, "What happened?" Someone else commented, "He broke his hand." My ex and a bunch of other "friends" liked it. FML
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Lol that's fucking great

Buttsexpirate 9

That's mean but totally hilarious.


Lol that's fucking great

I agree... I'm going to have to use that if someone sets it up for me haha

I think the biggest FML about this is OPs name: EmoHunny69 and it's a guy...

When I first read it, the OP's name was Gothicbunnyx3. It changed somehow to Emohunny69? *Magical Poof*!

Pamela HANDerson XD

rallets 22

palmela handerson handgelina jolie jennifiner handiston lindsay lohand morehand freeman orhando bloom handra bullock gwyneth palmtrow palma hayek handalf the grey samuel l jerkson barack opalma handy warhol jimi handrix jake jerkinhaal keifer sutherhand

PawsUp_fml 2

Chelsea Handler...xD it's funny cause it's real

jacob4592 0

I'm not going to lie, you rock bro! Lol

Well why wouldn't they like, that's fucking hilarious!

That sucks. By which I mean my comment sucks, lol. :D

It does indeed.

The_Troller 14

I love the moderators here.

I have idea what you guys mean, but TheIsland, thanks for the sacrificial cake.

Sirin - where can I sign up for the Dane Cook mission???

Buttsexpirate 9

That's mean but totally hilarious.

Poser1337 5

Such a handy-dandy day.

That's why I hate facebook. People are so rude and think its totally hilarious... No one has real humor anymore. It's poking fun at someone else expense.

mstangchck 9

That happens in real life too, not just on Facebook.

it happens on facebook more often because

more people dont have as much guts to do it in person

HiddenMonkey 8

I laughed at this one.

I laughed at ur profile picture. :3

I laughed at my comment. I'm a sad, sad little boy.

Put some clothes on ho.

Not very nice

lonelyraven 6

Seriously ?? FML is not a date site so put those nasty titties away...

Yourheadache 19

no need to be rude people, she does what she wants and mind your own business. and lets focus on ops story okay, well op that sucked really bad but take it as it is a really good joke.

msjoyfull84 0

I agree. Let the commenter do as she wishes. But when you look like ten pounds of shit shoved in a five pound bag, expect people to hate. Just saying. That's why my profile pic is my dog in my microwave, no one's gonna judge that shit!

Yourheadache 19

#83 ofcourse I agree but we are here to comment about the fmls and people stupid comments, not to judge someone by their looks. by the way, that dog is so cute :)

Cleavage: you're doing it wrong.

Namerkp2 8

Don't worry I'm sure your friends don't take it seriously, they just thought it was a funny joke :) (which it was)

80- first off, don't categorize me with you. Second, what the hell are you trying to say?

I got the joke in the FML, I just wish your first comment was a bit more relevant to the one you replied to. It mentioned nothing about masturbation and yet you referred to it as 'it'. I got what you were saying through enough logical thinking, but at first I thought you were just a blabbering idiot. As for the man part, are you the one currently using the FML app while your hot asian girlfriend, with a size 0 waist and size C boobs, is laying down next to you in her panties and one of your t-shirts? Oh wait no, thats me. She will agree that I'm more of a man than you will ever be.

seximexi911 10

Hahaha I haven't laughed at an fml in a while. Thank you

Yeah, same here =) Best one in a while.

That was a good one.

You had it comin mate. Should've seen it comin a mile away!!

I disliked your comment because of your picture..

51- thats what happens when you put your average indian family car on the roids mate...

Yourheadache 19

#61, I dislike your comment because of your name.

75 - My kitten has the same name as you. :D

hellbilly205 17

I agree with 51 to kill the great movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" with Spongebob, seriously who does that?

somerandomdude19 2

Awww FYL "Hands Solo"

PALMela HANDerson