By chinchilla4404 - 02/08/2011 14:17 - United States

Today, I broke my leg while trying to show my friend how I broke my other leg. FML
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"So I was walking along the edge of the garage roof, like this, except I wasn't struggling with crutches the first time. Then my foot slipped, like this, and -- oops!"


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Well at least she knows how you broke your leg now... Haha FYL :(

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at least it isn't your hands then you would have to get someone else to wipe your bum

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i don't think the quote "two is better than one" is necessarily going to cut it this time.

Science! An experiment must be repeatable to be of any use.

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Care to demonstrate how you broke your second leg?

"So I was walking along the edge of the garage roof, like this, except I wasn't struggling with crutches the first time. Then my foot slipped, like this, and -- oops!"

OP, use your words next time you two-timer.

When I said "break a leg," I didn't mean literally!! :O

Throwing yourself down a flight of stairs to demonstrate how your broke one leg isn't necessarily the best way to do it.... Maybe just tell him? I don't know just a thought.

lol ya 68, "You see, I jumped out the window like this!" ....

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Well, look on the bright side, your FML got on the website! Congratulations! :D

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U can pop wheelies in ur wheelchair

That's not a wheelie, that's a wheelchairie

Did you fail opening your toothpaste so you took a wrench but missed the toothpaste, and get a broken leg like that, or like those?

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1- He can't show us. He's out of legs.

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you, my friend, are stupid. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Way to be dedicated to your cause =D

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68 - no one ever said abortion

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"dude, I broke my leg doing this awesome thing yesterday" "what?" "went kinda like this-" *do something unbelievably stupid* -break other leg- "OW!" "DAMMIT!"

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.. and the proper way to close the car door on your leg is *show friend* Now remember.. Not too soft or it will just bruise.

"Okay okay Amanda here is what happened. I was standing on my roof and I fell off, like this."

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Like Dr. Pepper! With a KIIISSSS of cherry! Haha!

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This is the stupidest thing I've read yet! How does OP manage to walk and breathe at the same time being THAT dumb?!! Definitely a YDI from me. And rage face party ftw!!

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Every time someone says smart I now think of epicmealtime...

no, op didn't show it right because she broke her OTHER leg. she did something else lol

Too bad we only have two legs, now op wont be able to show anyone else how she broke her leg.

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I see you didn't learn the first time. At least you didn't get hurt the second time worse than the first since both are just broken legs.

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Both of her legs are broken. She didn't get hurt worse the 2nd time but she's still PRETTY broken.

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"Just broken legs" WHAT? Broken legs take forever to heal and are very painful, depending on where the break was. If it was your femur, OP, FYLFYLFYLFYL. If it was anywhere else, still FYL.

"just broken legs".....I see you've never broken a leg that shit hurts and takes forever to heal.

You're ******* retarded! "just broken legs"...... Wow.

Hey could have been worse could have lost an eye or somthing

How about I break your legs and see now you feel about it...

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YDI because if you showed somebody how you broke your leg with your other leg chances are that your going to brake that leg.

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Maybe if he'd braked his leg he wouldn't have gotten into this conundrum in the first place..

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I think he got it right. He meant braked as in stopped before he fell leading to the broken leg


10- good job captain obvious!

Abc- Child, are you for ******* real? Like did your mom give birth to you through her ass? Not dismissing the fact that not only does it hurt horribly, but yet it causes you to lose brain cells that you could have used to spell broke. Like, god damn it child!

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147, it was a play on words making light of 10's incorrect use of the word 'brake'. You obviously aren't as clever as you think..

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Looks like you shouldn't have went to the fair

Hm I guess I missed where any mention of a fair was...

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It's a reference to another fml, if you've read it then you'd get it