By starcatch777 - 09/05/2011 20:30 - United States

Today, I blacked out going up a roller coaster. Instead of helping me, my friend took pictures of my face and posted them on Facebook. FML
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AlienX_fml 0

That is a friends job. They cant help u blacking out. The only thing they can do is take funny pictures.

imacreeper 3

your friend couldn't do much, considering the fact you were both ON a rollercoaster. if I was OP's friend, I would have done the same thing! that's a true friend right there.


Some 'friend' you have there.

Her friend is funny as hell.

I would be kind of pissed. I mean, yeah, it's kind of funny, but she should have helped her friend.

MaskingTape 2

your friend is winning.

imacreeper 3

your friend couldn't do much, considering the fact you were both ON a rollercoaster. if I was OP's friend, I would have done the same thing! that's a true friend right there.

Ahah I would have probably done the same thing

I'm the friend ahhhhh

Mahomie123 0

23- I LOVE your picture!

VinegarStrokes 0

Like 23 said- your friends really couldn't do much since you were on a moving roller coaster. Also, there's not much that you can do for a person that has a fainting spell short of catching them as they fall. So stop being a self absorbed bitch who fucking cries when someone doesn't pay enough attention to you. And grow some fucking balls! I don't care if you're a chick, you can still be strong enough to stay conscious while riding on a roller coaster. Or next time just be smart enough to not go on the fucking ride. I hope you've learned something from this situation. Dumb whore.

FuniiBunii 0

74 a little bit 2 much but I agree

mattmadden 0

Overall, it's funny if it's someone else. If it's you then it's annoying. That's the way most things are...

Jaimegirl 7

Hehe, That would probably end up happening to me =/

fluffymario 0

how old are you

I, someone who was upon thy rollercoaster whilst this, occurred was utterly appalled at your comment. I am twenty-three if you must know.

I, someone who was on thy roller coaster whilst this had been occurring, was utterly appalled at our friends' behavior. I myself and deeply sorry.

23 -if she could take pictures, I'm pretty sure she could have held her head or something. that's what I would have done, made sure she couldn't get hurt.

dezinspaaace 0


Jesus Christ!!! if that's you in the pic, they wouldn't be taking a pic of your face, lol

#74- fucking christ could you have gotten anymore upset over this post? OP does need to lighten up a little but seriously how much did your blood pressure raise when typing your comment?

74 is just on thier period

VinegarStrokes 0

156 is right. :(



@wisky, grow a pair :p You need to take a picture to be a real friend. Moaners moan, friends make the memories!

hahaha. I've done that before too. sorry op, but just try to laugh it off. or if it really bugs you just try to ask your friend kindly to take them off. :)

SmallyBigs 9

How could they have helped you?

braceletsandhell 7

Well maybe your friend took pictures for you to look at later on and laugh at(:

I'm still pissed off at you for being 17 and getting a divorce... if anyone wants to know, look for her comment on the ring divorce selling fml...

56- No actually, I've never been divorced. But I have a couple close relatives that have. I am very close to these people and seeing them go through a divorce did not make their lives any easier. Just because I haven't been divorced doesn't mean that i haven't been affected by it. So stfu and don't jump to conclusions.

fluffyrocka, are you one of those kids that finds one thing that a user said that you didn't like, which for some reason causes you to find all of their other comments and vote them down? Because you seem like one of those kids.

#70 I'm pretty sure they they are.. On one comment i say that divorce isn't fun and they take it as I'm divorced. People these days..

i know I sound like an idiot but what does op mean?

original poster

oohh I am an idiot lol

Sprocket 5

Why is 56 so slow. What country allows marriage at 17 and has legalized divorce at the same time? In the US you can get married with parents permission sometimes sooner, but at that point your financial situation probably depends on staying married. If that person really even was divorced at 17, it was probably to get out of an abusive and/or forced underage marriage - would you rather they stay like that?

MrFlintstone 5

I love how two fmls have comments about doom2s marriage status

it's all thanks to mr fluffyrocka or whatever the name is. I'm not married nor even dating anyone.. but somehow they took it as I'm divorced at 17. some people on here are so odd..

ChickenDoggiesWh 0

you say it like you know her, creepy stalker status

so you're single?....... what's up? :)

PSQ91 6

You're not dating?? Ohh, let's chat then. /creeper mode

hahaha, message me.

now that is just unfortunate.

reference to Kevin? maybe? no? ok

kevin1811 jokes for the win!

LoneStarTexan 6

I'm not trapping you I'm protecting you! here's a tip always shoot it raises the chance you will get a kill! that's just unfortunate

AlienX_fml 0

That is a friends job. They cant help u blacking out. The only thing they can do is take funny pictures.

haa thats so silly! I would have at least taken a video...

well that sucks. your "friends" are rude.

haha you're a loser. who blacks out on a roller coaster? YDI

gigity 0

are you stupid?

KiddNYC1O 20

#8 is just shocked because he/she usually blacks out while in line for a roller coaster.

whisperingeye13 0

I black out when people talk about roller coasters. I missed school today because I blacked out so many times trying to post this comment

PSQ91 6

Your mama does.

MarcusKA 2


that's weird because I did that to my friend today at six flags

Heliol 8

You're so mean!!

sounds like that happens a lot! haha

oliveindamiddle 0

link please? haha just playin OP. thats scary though, whatever the reason of your blackout!

DarthVader007 0

No Seriously, Post The Link.

I'm with Pikachu.

What will the frat boys say?!