Stop, please stop

By yuck - 05/06/2015 19:11

Today, I found out that what I thought was my brother gasping and groaning in his dreams most nights is actually him jacking off. FML
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And I thought it was gonna end like he was having sex with someone... But that's some intense jerking.

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That a very disturbing thing to find out. Must of been very awkward when you did. Sorry OP, you don't deserve that.

More awkward if OP sleeps next to him.

Hate to be that guy but.. *Must have or must've

You don't deserve that? Stop being overly sensitive. It's human nature ffs. Raising a generation of ******* with all this coddling.

Agree with #59. We're turning our future into ******* cause we don't wanna hurt someone's feelings. **** that

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All those tissues aint no cold

And I thought it was gonna end like he was having sex with someone... But that's some intense jerking.

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Jerking so intense he was literally having passionate loving sex with his hand

#27 All that groaning and gasping? No bro, that's some hardcore bdsm right there

#5 we got the pun you didn't need to capitalize just the word hard it's not like it made your pun any better.

I wasn't sure if people would understand, so I decided to make it easier.

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You stay classy noobienick, dont let the shit speakers bring you down

Capitalize all you want for people to understand it, it still sucked.

noobienick, why would you make it easier? Isn't the joke supposed to be that it's as hard as possible?

At least you don't have a dirty mind, initially thinking it was just from dreams

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I'm interested in learning how OP found this out.

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Watching those sheets move very suspiciously

Why do you find that interesting?? Creeper much....

That's inconsiderate of him. You should try to talk to him about the situation.

I doubt that would end well. A conversation like that would get very awkward.

Inconsiderate to jerk off in your own bed room? No, inconsiderate would be him spanking it while sitting on her bed.

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Next time you hear him do that, imitate his sounds. He'll stop.

I don't know that that's the best idea. It will just make an even more complicated situation. Either he's hacking off to the sound of OP moaning or he thinks they're doing it too. I'd just invest in noise canceling earphones. Beats, even the earbuds, work amazing but I mean earplugs are cheap if short on cash

"Your momma sure does care about your schoolin', son."

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1 up vote is not enough for thee.

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Theres a chance he'll go even harder

or make gorilla sounds to draw a parallel

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#14 oh it'd make it extremely awkward for sure. Who would continue after that? and i'm pretty sure they wouldn't talk about it later, they'd just both understand its something to never speak of again...

I dunno, man. She'll probably do obviously fake moans that would turn anyone off instantly.

But usually not in the same room as your sibling. (From the FML I'm assuming they share a room, I could be wrong though)

Sure, most everyone whacks it. Not everyone gasps and moans like an abused elephant, though.

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hahaha... "abused elephant"... amazing how well that painted the image for me