By in_pain - Canada
Today, my doctor called and asked me when I could have my broken hand x-rayed again. I said the ER staff had told me it was a bad sprain over two weeks ago. I'm now in a full cast, and have to have my partially healed bones re-broken. There goes my summer. FML
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  jakeisawake  |  3

You can still have a nice summer. Get a waterproof cast and laugh at your misfortunate tan line afterwards.

I love when people break shit and get casts (I'm so inhumane). Dibs on signing!

  at1325  |  0

I think a few things must be considered before anyone jumps on the sue bandwagon. does the op have health insurance or is the op financially capable of paying for the increase in healthcare costs the wrong diagnosis created? i do not know how much doctors charge to re-break and set bones, or if there are any long term effects caused by a delay in proper treatment, but if the costs and or effects are great, sueing may be nessicary to afford the treatment or recover finanically from any lost wages etc.

  rldostie  |  19

A lawsuit in this situation is not because "shit happens." A simple x-ray at the ER could have cleared this up. It's negligence on the part of the ER and there's no reason they shouldn't be held accountable. If they're missing broken bones, what else are they messing up at that ER?

  hydef14  |  2

first off it Canada health care is free it won't cost op anything at all. there is programs that pay you wile your off work when you are injured as well just get over it life sucks then you die so there one summer is gonna suck big deal

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@76 note the words "x rayed again". it gives you a clue that the steps were taken and misdiagnosed. mistakes happen, perhaps they didnt see it, why should they be penalised for a simple mistake like that just because you feel everyone should be held accountable for their every action? i hope you get sued for any mistake you ever make at let me know if you still think your theory holds true.

  CarlosDanger  |  12

He is paying the Hospital a large sum of money for help and they fail to help him. I can't just drive drunk and crash while saying "shit happens" and not expect punishment.

  JohnBoyFsYL  |  10

Unlikely if it's a private company with competition. They would be dumb to create such bad publicity for themselves. The same things don't apply to free healthcare. I also don't think it's a huge leap of faith to say that free healthcare is of a lower standard than private.

  underguarded  |  20

Health care is Not Free in Canada. We monthly or Yearly pay for our health care. Our health care is just set up in a way where we don't get nailed up the ass when we need medical attention. this was obviously a miss communication or the Doctor is bad at following up. Shitty Doctors are everywhere in the world.

  ragzy  |  7

I agree on there being shit doctors the world over, I did my ankle a year ago and was told it was a sprain and to try walking on it. I kept going back as I have sprained my ankle a lot and it was worse than that, the doctor told me I had a low pain threshold because I smoke and drink. it wasn't until the third doctor looked at the SAME ex-rays five weeks later and found the fracture that I got the proper care. I didn't sue as I can openly admit I make mistakes in my job, we're all human. I can't say I wasn't extremely pissed off though!!