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Today, I fell down the stairs and broke my arm. I went into hospital to get it put in a cast, but still went into school afterwards. I got written up for truancy because I didn't have a doctor's note. The cast was still on my arm. FML
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That really sucks. It's happened to me before. Ah well, life goes on.

You sure are a bastard. One would think that a cast on an arm that was only recently put on would be enough evidence.


hey i was first and its my birthday =] me FTW!!!

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happy birthday!! its my boyfriends birthday too :) tom if you see this CAUSE I KNOW YOU WILL: happy birthday!

JC_JC_JC, happy birthday. I hope someone gives you something interesting to say. Please share it with us.

That really sucks. It's happened to me before. Ah well, life goes on.

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That happened to me too, but I had a pin in my finger and my PE teacher told me that I could participate with it regardless. She also told me she'd fail me when I broke my foot, in her class, for not participating xD That's when parents talk to principals/vice principals :p

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Same here! I broke my foot in PE, and the teacher told me to keeping going and that I was faking it. Of course the break differed from that.

You wouldn't go back to school directly after breaking your arm...

Why not? just because she cares about school enough to not skip over a broken arm doesn't mean its fake, which is what you are implying

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YDI if you were planning on going to school after getting your arm casted then you should have known to ask for a dr's excuse. But I'm just wondering WHY you'd even want to go to school after going through all that?

You sure are a bastard. One would think that a cast on an arm that was only recently put on would be enough evidence.

I agree with 40... Plus broken bones aren't that bad, I've had several broken bones and not one has slowed me down! Some people are just wimps who want to mope around with excuses!! Unlike OP who apparently doesn't let a broken bone get in the way

Yeah it depends what bone you break. What did you break, a finger? A toe?

I'm not sure what the policy is over in the U.K., but you're usually covered if you have physical evidence of what happened, regardless if you have a doctor's note or not (if you need to miss 3+ days of school, you need a doctor's note, but you obviously didn't even miss a day). I agree with #8 for not being prepared and why you would bother to go to school after a major incident like this.

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Yeah. Stuff like this sucks. It was the same way in our school. I live in Iowa, and if you said that you were going to help people with farm work, you can get out of school excused. You didn't have to produce a note or anything of the sort. I spent three days in the hospital last year, and they counted them as unexcused because I didn't have a doctors note. Bullshit.

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... so? Just because you have a cast doesn't mean it was put on during school hours. For all they know you got the cast an hour after school let out the day before.

I remember once on 'Art Attack' about how they taught us how to make a fake arm cast to trick your friends... Ahhhh, the magic of paper maché...

It's shit like this that really makes me want to put my future children into private schools. Seriously, what the **** has happened between now and when I graduated almost five years ago that ****** up the public school system so badly that they treat their students like shit? If you don't treat them like NORMAL humans, they're going to act like little *****.

Bush? No, he was in there for 8 years. Recession? Yeah, maybe that's it. Less funding for public schools.

hey, democrat! How's Obama's hopey-changy thing workin out for you?

Dude, I'm SO not a ******* democrat. I just don't like Bush. McCain, FT..well, FTclosest thing we could get to win. **** Obama. You read me wrong there.

I was in public school HS way over 5 years ago. They were always like that. Unionized beurotards that can't be fired as long as they follow the instruction manuel, so they always do. "Well I know it LOOKS like you're on fire, but I still can't authorize you to use the fire extinguisher unless you have a signed note from the fire marshal."

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OP is in the UK, and how do we know she doesn't go to a private school? But I agree, I have been to both private and public schools, and if I can afford it I would prefer to send any future fruits of my loins to the former. The public school here doesn't recognize dyslexia as a learning disability. They told a family friend's son to "get over it."

Most teachers are good. Some are strict *****. All of the administration treats us like filthy animalistic prisoners. None of them actually care about our feelings.

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Private schools are full of little whiney bitches, that use daddy's money to get friends. Public schools are full of real people that live in a real world. I went to a private school for one year. It was shit. I go to a public school. It's absolutely wonderful. Wherever you choose to go, though you're going to end up with us. In public high schools. The only difference there will be that some will know how to handle it, and some won't.