By the poor man - 05/09/2015 17:36 - Australia - Perth

Today, at a party that was pretty big, I thought it would be funny to photobomb a photo. In doing so, I slipped over and snapped my arm in. I may now have to get surgery. The good thing is I made a hell of a photobomb. FML
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Breaks his arm and is not afraid to look ugly in pictures=Total Badass

That's pretty damn badass.


Did they get a picture?!

You're joking, right?

Well obviously

Breaks his arm and is not afraid to look ugly in pictures=Total Badass

Well judging from your profile picture, you don't appear to be afraid of taking bad photos.

oooooohh buuurn!!

Why do you feel the need to be mean to people that have done nothing to you, #8?

#8 Yet you don't post a picture of yourself?

#8, you're really going to be a dick about his picture, when you don't even have any? Are you that hideous you won't even put up a damn picture? Atleast he has the balls to do that.

Only in Australia.

That's pretty damn badass.

Xandrick 22

While I think karma hitting you back is rather deserved, I don't think that sort of karma would come in the form of bone breakage. There's more FYL than YDI to this story.

what a snapping time you had

cheshireau 26

I wish there was photo Follow-ups.

Well, she could post it to the FML Pics app.

is there an app for that? sounds fun

If it ends up on the Internet, I'd imagine it would go viral! Keep an eye out. ?

No pain, no gain.

That will now be a legendary photo! haha

TheLostCauseFML 40

Ouch! Legen-Wait For It-Dary!

Now what did you learn?