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Today, I bought my son a nice car for his 18th birthday. When I gave it to him, he just got mad and told me that if I really wanted to spend that much money on him, I should've used it to help him pay for college. FML
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zingline89 18

I'm presently having dental surgery so no I can't. But don't tell the dentist I'm on here, he thinks I'm still knocked out cold but i was bored as ****.

perdix 29

#1, I thought I could but my girlfriend said I'm pronouncing it wrong and now we are sleeping in separate beds. How do you say it? I might have a girl for you.

zingline89 18

14 - uhn-grayt-full Now that I've saved your relationship, can I sleep with your girl? Or are you an ungrateful bastard?

He IS ungrateful but has a valid point, college will help him a lot more.

zingline89 18

When you buy your son a car instead of a college education, he gets in debt. When he gets in debt, he drops out of school. When he drops out of school, he befriends a rabid Pterodactyl. When he befriends a rabid Pterodactyl, he trains it to maul you. Don't get mauled by a rabid Pterodactyl. Switch to DirecTV.

Kg317 18

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perdix 29

#27, no, because that is the way I said it. You'd end up on the couch, too. She insists it's pronounced un-GRAYT-ee-full. Four syllables! What an idiot! Sure, the sex is "melt the paint off the wall" hot, but there are just some things I cannot stand for! You might cave in at first, but her insistence that saying things wrong is actually right will grate on your nerves (or, grateeeee on your nerves, as the case may be.)

Who said OP didn't get it off craigslist. And a car is useful in college #28

63 - Most colleges don't even let freshman have vehicles, unless they live off campus. So I'd say a reduced tuition is much more useful than a vehicle he may or may not even be able to use.

74 Who said he was going to live on campus? Please show me.

12, careful, your dentist may be one of those creeps that is gonna molest you if he still thinks you're sleeping.

92 He's just gonna tell the dentist all about his sex life.

NagainaFier 16

63+81| We can infer he didnt get it off Craigslist because 1) he lives in Israel, and more importantly, he said he got his son a NICE car. As in not shit that will barely work. And while I don't know about their country, in the USA, most universities require freshmen live on campus.

I thumbed up your comment because I feel exactly the same way.

I was laughing about all the references to other FMLs when some girl came and slapped me across face. She thought I was taking a picture of her breasts.

81 - That's why I said that OP "may or may not" be able to drive. You speak: I hear "herp derp"

OMG! I just knew that's where you were going with this comment xD

winkydog4056 16

#28_What help? Get him a useless degree so he can spend his life working at Walmart? At least he can drive there.

aimeesea75 16

1- U..un..ungra... **** this, I'll be a stripper.

My university doesn't require freshmen to live on campus, and those that choose to often have their own cars. Not to say the the OP shouldn't have paid towards their education... But I also say that the kid should at least be a little grateful. A lot of people don't get cars OR education help from their parents.

It looks like OP's son has the right mindset. I wouldn't call this an FML though. Just be glad that your son has the maturity and wants to have a future.

I find it ironic that most of these people talking about how the kid needs to be grateful and not bitch about his dad not paying for his college can't spell. Maybe y'all's parents should have paid for your college education...

mfazi456 7

132- *sigh* Hence the whole point of the thumbs up. You don't need to make a comment about it.

I was scrolling just hoping someone would comment this lol

MrAwesomeSauce 6

He got a car for free and he's upset? Wow

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^dont feed him *insert flame war of defensive Americans vs. smug Europeans* EDIT: thanks mods, nobody likes flame wars

Now he can just sell it and use the money for college

Well, now on top of paying for college he has to pay for car insurance and gas. Maybe he wasn't planning on owning a car?

2: Says the 17 year old whose big plan is to join the Air Force. Know much about education? OP was generous in buying a car, but kinda foolish for not asking if his son even wanted it. In the long run, helping pay for his education could have been fifty new cars (maybe more).

88 - There's nothing wrong with someone's "big plan" being getting into the Air Force. I'm not trying to be adversarial or anything, but you made it seem as if that's such a terrible thing.

courtneyann211 10

88 at least it's not army or marines. They take just about anybody. Air force you have to have somewhat of a brain

tsent8 15

Before you guys start a cat fight the FML says they live in Israel no marines or airforce so OP's kid can't really do any of that. Closest thing to it would be Israel's army.

104: Fair enough. I wasn't taking a shot at people who join the military, just pointing out that the poster is A) likely too young to be in college, and B) obviously not planning to go to college soon. His opinion of financial decisions regarding college should be taken with a grain of salt. 113: **** you too. The last thing the world needs is more marines and more poor kids coming home in boxes. 129: I'm pretty sure army service is mandatory in Israel anyway.

jem970 19

110 shut the **** up. Any branch of the military is hell during training. One is not better than the other.

jablome 6

Roid rage getting the better of you? You know anabolic steroid use will shrink your dick to the size of a tic-tac, right?

#129 isreal requires every one to serve two years in the army some time after they turn 18 he could keep that job if he wanted

tsent8 15

187- true true but I was referring to the fact that all the above commenters were having a fight about him joining America's armed forces and which one was better when the OP's son isn't even American.

People who live in Israel are required to serve in their army by law.

He maybe ungrateful but just be glad that he wants to learn :)

*may be Not maybe There is a difference, you know.

skyeyez9 24

It depends on what he wants to major in. Some degrees are useless.

**may be. Not maybe. There is a difference, you know. Psuedo grammar nazi!

I'm thumbing you down just for your user name.

I thumbed him down for being a "Psuedo" grammar Nazi.

CadillacPimpen 6

32 your profile pic described me when I read your comment. All majors are useful or we would not have them.

Are all degrees going to make it easier for you to get a job? Not necessarily, although there's an argument to be made that they will. But that's not the point. Education for education's sake also has value. Humanities may not give you job skills, but they can give you life skills.

Sad state of events when the kid is the reasonable one.

bitch_pleez 10

At least the kid's being responsible.

free2speak 14

I have friends who majored in English (I did a double major in English and Biology) and their parents told them they were wasting their time and money. They don't work in jobs set aside specifically for English majors but they all have jobs and we have a blast discussing literature whenever we have get togethers so yes, I do think all majors teach you something and college in itself is more than just an educational experience. More aptly, it's a learning experience-- learning about life, growing up, making lifelong friends, and learning to live an independent life just to name a few.

While he shouldn't have reacted the way he did, I agree that he's correct to an extent. Going to college is much more important than having an expensive car.

X_Codes 11

Not just that, but cars are not gifts, they're responsibilities. You have to pay for insurance, maintenance, gas, and probably also parking if you're going to college. In other words, it's actually a really shitty gift to give someone.

Maybe the OP should have bought him a Nerf gun instead.

Maria_Obligacia 14

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Who gets mad at a gifted cat? Many people on Oprah many years ago that received "free cars" yet couldn't afford to even pay the taxes on them.

111, you don't seem to know your son very well if you buy him something he doesn't want and doesn't need.

I'm sure if his parents could afford an expansive car they can afford college as well.

111-school is way more important than a flashy car. His son probably already had a more practical car that worked fine. I would have reacted the same, be that the case...

spekledworf 18

No one said it was an expensive or flashy vehicle, or even new. You could get a nice used car for less than $3,000. But I still agree it could've gone to college and a car is a great responsibility.

bugmenotmofo 34

It is uncertain if he's right or not. Life is unpredictable. Depending on his country, car might help him more than college education.

111- Electric shavers don't put you further in the hole due to upkeep.

hiandrews69 29

So what you're saying #111 is that as long as he says it politely, he is allowed to refuse her gift? Alright, ya walking contradiction. ;) But really, I probably would have reacted the same way. Your college education appreciates in value. A car does not. It dwindles every cent out of you until you live paycheck to paycheck--that is, if you're not going to college and living off of minimum wage, since that's the kind of job you'll have without a college degree...

If he's old enough to go to college, he's old enough to pay it himself. He should have just accepted the gift and not act like a child about it.

brianfaun 3

If you knew he wanted to go to college, it was kind of dumb to spend all that money on a car.

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If he lives on Campus or in a town where they provide buses JUST for college students, then he wouldn't need one. The town I live in does that.

Where could you have possibly gotten the idea that anyone needs a car to go to college...

First of all, are you serious? Having a car isn't a requirement to go to college. And what I think I got from the FML is that he's already in college, but paying on his own. If so, I don'f blame him for being mad, but he shouldn't have been so ungrateful regardless. I'm going with FML and YDI on this one.

My campus doesn't have a bus system. Not a lot of them do. So in order to get anywhere while you're in college either on a big campus or if you can't live in a dorms (not all colleges here have those either) you need a car. But maybe that's just Ohio.

When I went to college my parents didn't even pay for a bus pass. I saved since I started tutoring at 13, and had 2 scholarships. Not everyone can afford or drive a car. I would have preferred cash or tuition. I respect Op 's son for wanting to learn. Pleasethink before you type.

buckeye08 10

Eggmarie - Ohio State University has city buses that run right through campus. I use them all the time. And the city bus is free with your student ID. Same goes for University of Cincinnati. Both in Ohio. Just because your school doesn't have a bus system doesn't mean that all schools in Ohio don't as well.

The three major cities do, but those aren't the only colleges in Ohio. Shawnee State doesn't, Bowling Green doesn't, Ohio University (all five branches) don't, Toledo doesn't, Muskingum doesn't, Miami of Ohio doesn't, etc. Not to mention if the kid wanted to go out of state. If OP doesn't live in a major city, transportation can be difficult. I need a car to be able to get to and from school and so do a lot of people i know on a lot of different campuses. so we would have gladly accepted a free car.

Actually in some circumstances like mine I need a car to get to college. It's a 45minute drive and is still a lot cheaper than paying for residence and a bus pass

My brother went to a liberal arts college in the middle of butt **** nowhere in Ohio. Had no need for a car all four years he was there. He walked around the campus. Just planned to leave early enough to get to all his classes and dealt with the weather. They had buses running to the bigger towns and bus trips to the bigger cities on occasion.

I live out of town from my college, and though taking the bus is a possibility, I can't take the bus four out of five days of the week because they either don't run early enough (for my morning class), late enough (for my night class), or often enough (sometimes I have work right before or after class and I have to be able to leave one place ASAP). Having my own car is a necessity.

You should research before you choose where you go. If you don't have a car and it's a necessity for your school choice, maybe you should reconsider. I go to UK and most of the kids here don't have one, nor do they need it.

I go to FIU which is 30 minutes away from my house. I manage to get to class without having my own car. Plus, public transportation in Miami sucks; I just carpool. Annoying? Yes. But it gets the job done. And I pay for my share of gas.

And I work 20 hours a week at a doctor's office. So I go from home, work, school, then back home. Living without a car is hard, but doable. (My comment ran out of editing time ): )

Scholarships can be difficult to get, and you don't need a car to go to college. No one says, "Oh, I want a scholarship" and GETS ONE, especially if it's only gotten more competitive in this day and age.

perdix 29

Sounds like you two have great father-son communication! Why would you surprise someone with something as big as a car? Hell, I consult with my daughter to make sure I'm getting her the right iPhone case.

Fishinaddict22 1

I think 80 meant to ask how do you know THEY are the father and not the mother.

Fishinaddict22 1

Sorry Noor, didn't mean to re-post what you said. Your second response didn't show up till after I posted mine.

tsent8 15

Well considering all the action going on in Israel right now I'd prefer my kid to go to college instead of getting a car.

jem970 19

Well yeah Perdix! A cell phone case is a big deal! If you have the wrong one it could ruin your social life! Same thing goes for cell phone charms!

Noor, did you mean twit, 'cause calling someone a twat doesn't go with the nun gear aka hijab.

BubbleGrunge 18

I understand how frustrating that could be OP, but maybe he is right. Your heart was in the right place, but if he's determined to further his education, then don't be too hard on him. Maybe you should encourage him to get a part time job (if he doesn't already have one) , and match his pay checks so that both of you can pay for him to go to school.

TheDrifter 23

A car, with gas and insurance to pay for, or 4+ years of subsidized room and board, surrounded by like minded youth with plenty of free time. Ok, I can see his point, but if you're going to return the car to pay for his college, do yourself a favor and encourage him to major in a field that has actual paying jobs I'm the real world so he isn't forced to move back in after graduation.

TheDrifter 23

Actually, egyptologists are still in demand, and making good money. I took an architectural engineering degree... And found I could make far more money running my own business.

perdix 29

#23, Egypt is going to become a real hotspot now that Morrissey is president. It would help if you minored in Smithsology.

TheDrifter 23

I do my best. After all, as an employer I have made it my life's work to make people's lives miserable.

And by 'between' you mean savagely beating TheDrifter with, right?

The kind that plans to minor in Egyptology so they can send cryptic messages to the victim's families. After tightening the lug nuts under his car so you can place C4 under it.

TheDrifter 23

So that's what he was up to. Now, to send the new guy for coffee, in my car, just to be sure.

Can't really say good or bad parenting OP. good that you're son wants to go to college. bad that's he's an ungrateful dude

Congratulations, you've raised a son who isn't selfish. Yeah, a car would be nice, but you evidently raised him well enough to put school as a priority.