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Today, I told my parents that all I wanted for my 18th birthday was to go to a restaurant in NYC for a nice dinner. My parents said no, because it would cost too much money. I came home to see my parents had bought a huge TV for $800. We already have 3 televisions. FML
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That's bull shit. Throw lasagna at them.

I'm gonna say FYL because I live in NJ and while it's hard to get to NY just for dinner, for a birthday that's a reasonable gift, so to say that's too expensive and then buy a brand new tv, that's just rude.


First. Also, deny them their next birthday gift.

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Best way to get back at them: Get pregnant

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@6 Even better - Get preggers and have a third trimester shmashmortion at the shmashmortion clinic

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At least you got a huge plasma screen!!!

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my sentiments exactly...a dinner leaves you with buyer's remorse, atleast they have something to show for there money with a plasma...what an ungrateful brat you are.

Plasma screens suck. Hopefully it'll break on them and they'll regret not taking you out

Seriously, a meal last a few hours, TV last a few months and maybe years. Move that $800 TV into your room.

Tv's last a few months? more like several years or more.

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That sucks but it's not your money and $800 is an awesome deal for a plasma screen.

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You're missing the point. They didnt bring her out for dinner because they said it would cost to much. But they got the plasma screen for THEMSELVES.

Who cares if they got it for themselves? It's their money to do what they want with. It's selfish to expect presents when your parents pay for your home and food on a daily basis. Besides, OP doesn't even live in New York and a trip to NYC is expensive and time consuming.

From Jersey? Bullshit. Unless you're a dumbass and book a flight or something.

Expensive? Lol. I live on the Jersey shore- NYC's only a short train ride away, or about an hour's drive away. It's not expensive at all. Also, do you see how you mention they pay for food on a daily basis? Why not eat out for a day, then? If they're already paying for food, that's even less reason to deny it.

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Bitch. People are living without water and you're pissed because you didnt get to go for an expensive dinner, and mad because your parents worked to earn the money for a plasma that you'll use a ton over the next couple of years? YDI you ungrateful little asshole.

you're the even bigger asshole here. her family's already got three TVs, and all she asked for was a nice dinner in new york that would definitely cost way less than the $800 plasma TV they have. a good dinner for at least $200 or so would be less than a dent on the parents' wallets, you ******* ****.

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You ******* idiot. They didnt buy the tv for OP.

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It was her birthday, and they didn't get the tv for her

That's bull shit. Throw lasagna at them.

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What's the big deal with birthdays anyway? A person could've been a bum for a whole year and still have a birthday. No accomplishment worth celebrating.

eat the lasagne and throw eggs. lasagne is too good

damn they're some cheapos or selfish. i mean damn they save up for a TV but can't shell out for their kids birthday? FYL

The comments aren't a place to debate with yourself

#9 is more annoyed at the guy who thought his comment through than the guy who shouted first.... Maybe your parents are trying to surprise you on your birthday. Stay optimistic.

The FML comments aren't for commenting on the other FML comments?!?! Then they should wipe out 92% of the 'comments'! I agree, this one is hard to vote on.

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Once again, stuck on what to choose. Your life is not ****** because you didn't get to go to dinner, yet at the same time, your parents are assholes and apparently it's not your fault.

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omg im so sorry. i hope some how you get a nice birthday.

I'm gonna say FYL because I live in NJ and while it's hard to get to NY just for dinner, for a birthday that's a reasonable gift, so to say that's too expensive and then buy a brand new tv, that's just rude.

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well, i dno how they found a huge plasma for $800 that's a great deal

Good deal or not, its still a bad idea to buy plasma anyways when LCDs last longer and have equally good picture. Oh and OP that sucks, your parents are rude beyond belief

Just adopt the TV as your actual birthday present and use it all the time.

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Haha, great idea! Take it and keep it in your room, and say that you changed your mind about your birthday present. Now they don't have to take you to NYC for dinner, and you'll feel better about the fact that they bought a plasma TV instead.

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Am I the only here one that agrees with the parents? They saved up and earned that money to buy the TV, they deserve it. The OP is being selfish, obviously he didn't deserve what he was asking for.