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Today, I just bought a car with all of my own money. Then, when I brought it home my dad informed me that my mom will be driving it to work every day. FML
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redmnky21 8

you tell your dad no she wont... its your car u bought it with ur money... unless she's going to make the insurance payments on it for u and full cover it so if she wrecks it she replaces it

Midnite_2raw 5

If you want to get even report it stolen.


brycereid 0

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aw that sucks! maybe you should move out

whoisthisgirl 4

you deserve it if you didn't stand up for yourself. I'd say something.

brycereid 0

Yes! bury my comments with thumbs downs, I like it!

exactly what #4 said... STICK UP FOR YOURSELF

JacksonCampbell 9

If the title to the car is under OP's name, OP doesn't have to let anyone else drive it.

24, if he hides the keys, then he'll be grounded.

#1 next time think of ur comment instead if sounding like a fucking 12 year old

atomicbaboon 0

my toes are itchy.

brycereid 0

54- stfu and make me a sammich you tranny

redmnky21 8

you tell your dad no she wont... its your car u bought it with ur money... unless she's going to make the insurance payments on it for u and full cover it so if she wrecks it she replaces it

Very true, except that OP probably lives at their parents' house. So if they start bitching about the car, there is a risk of getting kicked out.

Yeah say she can only if she pays for the insurance and the petrol.

and his dads would say get the fuck out that house, op will be homeless so he would start living in a car

yak526 0

is it just me or, if you are under 18 you have to have a parent sign also, if she is older than 18 she legal and doesnt have to do what they say.

Before all you Grammar Nazi's come and try tell 3 what they did wrong, get lost!

exactly no. 3 OP; how hard is it to say no?

ImmortalKratos 0

well it's could be under her dads name. if she waste 18 yet her dad would've had to buy it. even if it was her money it could still technically belong to him. or if she was over 18 and had no credit or bad credit and her dad had to sign on it

@89 That's not true. At least not in TX anyways. My parents paid for my older brother's car when he was 17 and told him to sign for it at the dealership and they didn't even have to be a co-signer.

who cares at least then she'd have a nice car to live in!!

PurpleRae420 0

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a_nutritionist 10

honestly, i can see a possible scenario in which this would make perfect sense. my sister has a car and currently owes me over 2 thousand dollars. if it were my parents i could see them telling her shes not driving it until she pays them back, especially living under their roof. while i agree this sucks, im still gonna have to remain wary of whether or not a similar situation has occurred...

Kkkiana 7

#122-did we read the same FML? because mine said she bought it with all her OWN money.....hence why it's an FML.

like everyone says if she wants to use it, make her pay for the car insurance, plus if she gets caught by the police and she isnt on the registration or insurance, wouldn't she be arrested or something?

PurpleRae240, why do you even bother to comment? All your comments are thumbed down, and they are just nothing but nonsense.

a_nutritionist 10

@145 i should clarify, she chose to spend money on other things rather than pay me back. its now 1.5 yrs later and im yet to receive one cent of it. this will soon be changing.

lol she can live In her brand new car!! lol jk but that's not fair of her parents to do that.

You must have lived your childhood with a drug addict and a stripper then...

Oh I was talking to 108

then op has the car to live in

Aaron_Luvz_U 9


Agreed. That's the time to man up (no matter what gender) and tell your dad what's what. It's you damn car, so act like it is.

inkdeath87 18

Your parents suck.

The word "informed" in his fml says it all

Not in there's no loan on it.

Xtra_Cheddar 3

man up and smack your dad

whoisthisgirl 4

if you didn't stick up for yourself and say something you deserve it.

You can't be forced by your dad to do it. Hide your keys if he is going to be an ass.

Fx13mz 7

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hidingmaster 2

Except they will still be without a car...

Sure, why not! Insurance fraud is only illegal after all...

ImmortalKratos 0

and your insurance rates go up so insurance companies can keep screwing you and get back twice the amount they gave you in the first place. yeah great ideas

6 - you are a dumbass. Stay in school it's your only hope.

xmayne 0

I'm sure the Mother will do that anyways

lilbeast0327 3

that's a terrible idea

balest22 0

rig it so it breaks down....

I wanna party with this guy.

you might die though

148- totally unrelated but I nearly cried laughing at your picture.

that's not how insurance works, hun.

oskie11 0

that is horribel

As is your- well, I think we all know where I'm going with this.

shaubygal 11


School is really failing you people. Not only did you shout that entire thing but there's not a single punctuation mark until the very end. Seriously, stop going to the mall & instead start learning English, which is supposed to be your first language.

stop being a grammar nazi no one cares about grammar they are commenting on fml.... geeez get a life grammar nazi

keven501 12

#126 Says the guy whose description is 429

keven501 12

#126 Says the guy whose description is 429

did you forget to inform him who bought the car. by law you do not have to let anyone drive it if you do not want to.

Actually, if OP is under the age of 18, and still lives with her parents, she does not have legal right to any property. Phone, IPod, car, ext... they all belong to her parents until her 18th birthday. The law can be a bitch.

hahaha it's 16 here, I own all my own stuff :D

it depends on who the title of the car is in. If the title is only the person who bought it, it is only their property.

just be like no... she won't..

Midnite_2raw 5

If you want to get even report it stolen.

Loaffer 2

Yes!!!! XP

shaubygal 11

yeah let her drive it to work like once and while she's at work report it missing or even better let your parents drive it to the movies / grocery store and report it missing like while they're driving out of the driveway so that they dont get home before the cops find the car

she ahould at least pay for gas

bb0687 0


# 12 you are super ugly !

Or, at the very least, ask instead of demanding the favor of using the car.


XxMaseratiGurlxX 1

thats not right. if you bought the car with your money then it should be yours to drive everyday unless your mom plans on paying for gas and insurence.

KinqLeo610 0