Lonesome wheels

By Anonymous - 28/10/2021 11:00

Today, while talking to my parents about my car, my dad said, "Don't put a lot of money into it because we will give you ours when we move." I asked why, and my mom responded, "Well, we helped your sister with her wedding, so this is going to be your wedding gift." I'm getting a car out of pity for not having a wife. FML
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Jon Tessler 14

you need to understand, the brides family is usually the one who helps pay for the wedding. be thankful your parents are giving you a car.

Marcella1016 31

Pity? I think it’s sweet your parents are trying to be inclusive and give you something, too! Like, their way of showing them they love you just as much as your sister even though all the focus is on her right now. If you really feel bad about not being married, work towards it! Get out there and start dating. If that doesn’t seem to be working, work on yourself - look at your physical or character attributes and ask yourself how you can improve and grow. If you think that objectively you’re there and a pretty good catch, look at the people you tend to date and ask yourself if they’re truly healthy, realistic, or compatible with you. Reach out to friends and talk about these things - “Hey, Chuck! I know I’m pretty awesome, but is there any way I can grow or something you think I should work on but may not realize?” “Bill! How the hell are ya?! Listen, I’m having really bad luck with dating. Remember the last few dates I’ve been on? Wondering if you think I may be looking in the wrong places or focusing on the wrong types of people. What do you think?” If it’s important to you, you’ll get married when you find the right person! And if it’s not - if you’re just worried about what your parents think - don’t worry about it, live your life, and you’ll get married eventually when the time is right. In the meantime - your parents love you! Congrats on the new(er) car! 😄

What's pitiful is the value of an old used car is a lot less than a wedding. You're getting screwed!

Jon Tessler 14

with the amount of money my 2017 Hyundai has gone up in the last 2 years, it costs more than every place my fiancee and I have looked at for the ceremony and reception.