By disappointed - 23/09/2011 03:08 - United States

Today, after having saved up my money for months to buy my college-bound son the car of his dreams, I got a phone call telling me it had been totalled during a drag-race. I only gave him the keys two days ago. FML
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CrassKal 27

I seriously hope you knocked his dumb ass out. And that you had insurance.

Did... did he win?


jokerrose57 0


That's what she said.... Aka FML

I'm surprised your son is smart enough to go to college. Sounds like one big dumb ass to me.

Denikk 0

Smart kid.

Guess you won't be buying that dumbass anything again.

Damn_Hippster 11

The kid was racing to give back the money you paid for the car. Be grateful OP, you have a good son.

XenaWP 6

YDI for having a dipsh*t for a son.

captianKool 4

Well since he fucked that one up get him a sled dog team. Can't race a sled dog team. Unless it's a sled dog race.

1 - There's a reason we have "I agree, your life sucks" and "You totally deserved it!" buttons. Use them.

cows. that is all.

like a good neighbor StateFarm is there ! ^_^

cyns0_oaSailor 0

It can't be that bad. It only took you a couple months to save up for it, so you have a good enough income for it not to matter.

86- "With a smarter son!!" I wish I could be a teleporting agent..

enonymous 8

It's alright his dream car was a bumper car. This was to be expected

At least he didn't crash it for drunk driving!

JustStopSucking 0

"Oh yeah, and also my son is a quadrapalegic now as well, which will also be costly. FML"

106- I'd personally have a hot tub

ReynshineCutting 10

22- You would be amazed at some of the idiots that get into college. I could've gone to any number of good schools and chose a state school because they have the best degree program in the country for my degree. Some of the idiots I've had to edit papers for in my english classes just blew my mind.

College in America. "If you have the money, WELCOME! Who cares if you are smart enough to actually do well, give us money!"

109, it's down south in Georgia, more like a John Deere than bumper car. So a 96 civic hatchback with fart can exhaust and window tint totaled isn't that big of a loss...

"The car of his dreams" eh? Sounds to me as if you are rakin in enough money that it really shouldn't be a problem.

^^^ win!!!!! :D

PunkSk8ter 0

cool story bro.

bitchin94 2

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PunkSk8ter 0

really... your a jack ass OP was trying to be nice.

OP shouldn't but you should

SmokinWeed 0

Assuming OP gave her son "The Car of His Dreams" I would assume it was fast. Did you think he was going to drive a steady 35 mph?

Hate to say... but I lol'ed

You mean not everyone's dream car is a Dodge Caravan? You could live in one of those things....down by the river.

Chaos187 6

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Hayman68 4

3 - You are a pale, skinny, white kid, and you gave yourself the name "bitchin94." Who's the jackass?

I see what you did there. Classic chris Farley

76- justin bieber called. He wants his hair back. You're in no position to call someone else a jackass.

Chaos187 6

76 - magenta from rocky horror called. She said she needs her hair back. Yea, actually I am. And plus bieber has short hair idiot.

Chaos187 6

141 I mean xD

His son is the one who should feel like a jackass

That would be why he wants his hair back. You're as stupid as your emo boy comb-over.

derecteevee 1

70 - well done, I'm gonna go get hopped up on chocolate covered coffee beans

161 you would know what beibers hair looks like wouldn't you gay boy.

You are a douche. There was no reason to comment that.

Oh wait sorry wrong person lol i am still new to this fml app and i didnt realize i was commenting the wrong person. The guy who said "bet you feel like a jackass" is the douche.

Correction, I bet his son feels like a jackass

Chaos187 6

190 - No. Just no.

Exactly what everyone thinks when they look at your hair!! So glad we agree!!

Chaos187 6

It's okay. You can go with thinking your pretty and all. Dislike this of you please but your not. I know I'm a dick but only to people that annoy the shit out of me, which is you. So get a new picture because your nose covers more than half of it. :)

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His got the need, the need for speed.

MrBoredGuy 1

I just wanna know how you crash going in a straight line? Someone needs to learn how to drive before they get "the car of his dreams"

Haha you would be surprised how many cocky faggots I've seen try to go straight and wreck their '92 firebird their daddy bought them.

Car of his dreams = '96 corolla

Son, I am disappoint.

Nah man, 91' Tercel


shitty ass driver bro

CrassKal 27

I seriously hope you knocked his dumb ass out. And that you had insurance.

Seriously huh

I find it funny that "Snookie" is calling someone out..

Chaos187 6


Most insurance companies have a clause that allows them not to pay when a car was wrecked from racing. It's to prevent them from having to cover people like OP's son.

Fhl for being an ungrateful dumbass

I can't even imagine if I totaled the car my parents bought me in a drag race. I would be effed for life. Like they would just make me walk everywhere. O.o

The next FML's gonna read: I just totalled my two day old car racing, now I'm taking the bus. FML.

Did... did he win?

Chaos187 6

He better have, or that mom has a bigger right to beat his ass!

I'd make him pay for it himself and then take the car away.

Or what's left of it...

Car=totaled Might need a hammer to get some of the dents out. Otherwise you might not be able to drive it immediately.

ReynshineCutting 10

Well you should never rule out the possibility that your kid will total a car. If you buy them a new one, do so at your own risk. Some kids are just dumber than others and some are just plain unlucky. That really sucks but insurance should replace it.

Either ground him or kill him, lol

Snookie: *Laying down the law once gain! Muahahaha-(cough)-haha*

Insurance should replace the money ... The kid should walk till he can buy his own car

Insurance would only cover it if they have full coverage, and even then most policies do not cover a car that was wrecked in a race.

His fault not yours ground that kid!

Chaos187 6

Well you see...there a problem there. If he's college bound it means he doesn't live with his parents. What are they going to do? Come down to the college and take his tv out? No sir cause that would be breaking and entering. See ya just can't win at these things...

Chances are that his parents are paying for college or at least helping to pay for it, and if that's the case she definitely has the right to punish him.

ReynshineCutting 10

I'm wondering if you were responding to someone else since your comment has nothing to do with mine? I'll respond anyway though. I know a lot of college kids who live with their parents. My brother in law does, a friend from high school did for awhile, my best friend now lives half the time with her husband and half the time with her parents since she's in school half the week. If he's not living at home and in a dorm, dorms will let the parents in. If he's in an apartment or rental house, his parents had to cosign on the contract, so they too can get in. No B&E there.

71 my sister is a sophomore in college. She still lives with my parents and I.