By shat - 12/12/2015 07:14 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I woke up to the feeling of something crawling up my leg. I threw back the bed sheets and saw it was a cockroach. My dad said my ensuing scream was so girlish that he wondered what the hell my sister was doing in my bedroom. FML
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mds9986 24

I hope your username doesn't depict another event that occurred.

Damn I hope you didn't hurt yourself while jumping out the bed!


mds9986 24

No, I don't think it can be. Bugs and spiders suck.

I think it was worse. Not only was a roach trekking up his leg, OP's username says he shat himself. He could be joking, but chances are he isn't. lol

#16 Roaches are the almost invincible devil spawn of insects.

yenze 18

Ydi depends on if you screamed befor or after you saw that it was just a cockroach

Um cockroaches are gross, I'm sure quite a few people would've had the same reaction..

if you're like me and you work at a warehouse where packages from China come in, carrying cockroaches that can actually fly, you realize they're not gross after a while, its just an effect of them being totally different and unusual makes your mind hate them. get used to them, they're actually pretty cool

I 100% feel you, cockroaches are so disgusting. Screaming like a girl is totally okay! See if you can get your dad to fumigate or something, cockroaches are really the worst.

I never understood people's fears for cockroaches. They are just like beatles. They don't even bite.

Actually cockroaches have been known to nibble on the hands and feet of people sleeping on boats

ArbiterOfFML 24

That at most helps take off dead skin.

They are gross, I don't see an issue with screaming.

I would have done the same thing. FYL OP.

mds9986 24

I hope your username doesn't depict another event that occurred.

Wow, you should really get your dad to fumigate the house if u have roaches. They are a serious health hazard. I would've flipped out too!!!

gobiteme2 34

It must be nice you remember to shave your legs, otherwise you might not have felt it.

I've never shaved my legs, but I think I would have decreased sensitivity on them without the hair Given that if one of my hairs is moved I can tell instantly that something is on my leg (I.e. A mosquito or some other random critter) I could be wrong though