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  Brandosyn  |  0

#64 I'm not so sure, I have a friend who thinks its hilarious to send a male stripper to my job every year for my birthday even though he knows I'm straight. (I'm married to his sister.)

Friends do weird shit, maybe OP's buddy was just funning him, OR he really did think he was gay and was just trying to do his pal a solid.

  jewjewbee  |  6

why would that be deleted? it adds so much more depth to the fml. the way it is now, who cares? but with that extra detail, he loses a friend of two years.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

I moderated this one too. Maybe they submitted it this way, then realized they forgot a detail, and resubmitted. Anyway, this is exactly how it was originally written, except a couple typos.

  rinnychan  |  2

Yep, that's exactly how it is.

But this is an FML because after knowing each other for two years, this guy should have known his friend was straight. Although, if it turns out the 'buddy' is the gay one, and the OP didn't know...then how can he really judge?

  Prawn_fml  |  2

I guess the FML in this is that you never got to ravage heaps of women and tell him about it during the time you were friends, or?

If your buddy thinks you fit with this guy, at least you might have found a new friend. When he asks how the date went, just tell him whether you liked the man, and perhaps add on 'though next time try to find that kind of person in a female shape' or whatever.

  sven25  |  0

I can tell you that as a gay I could care less what assumptions people make about what gender I prefer as long as they are open minded if they find out their assumption was wrong. If someone were to set me up I would think it was sweet that they cared.

I do not however know how you could be friends without knowing if someone was gay or not. Especially for any sort of period of time… I mean aren’t you at least going to say “look at that guy’s (girl’s) ass… I like to get some of that!” ?


Even though it was a nice gesture and stuff. It must've been friggen awkward to arrive and have a guy there who thinks you're gonna be into him, and you expecting a girl who you might end up dating.