By ThaBoss12 - 01/11/2014 22:22 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I saw what my mom handed out for trick-or-treaters last night. Toothbrushes. Yup, we're that house. FML
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I've heard of apples and granola bars, but toothbrushes are the next level!

No one egged your house?


I've heard of apples and granola bars, but toothbrushes are the next level!

I would rather have gotten a toothbrush than a "magic rock", AKA a marble covered in glitter.

Candy with bible verses taped to it is not uncommon in my neck of the woods

cjwayy 22

My dentist is my neighbor, and he handed out toothbrushes as well as candy.

badluckalex 23

I used to get silly string and king size candy bars where are you guys trick or treating?!

I got fucking bread for Halloween this year...

Better toothbrushes than apples with razor blades

I always get rocks :/

MzZombicidal 36

If I was a dentist, I'd give out tons of candy! More work for me! >:)

amayasoma 19

Lady handed out anti circumcision cards to the kids...

Thats... kinda bad.

incoherentrmblr 21

This FML is approved by the American Dental Association...

There was this house that handed out bibles, and another that handed out oatmeal, and another that handed out stuffed animals in my neighborhood

Maybe your mom doesn't want the kids to get cavities!

Op's mom is cheap, she's making them the cheap house

How are toothbrushes cheaper than candy?

#50 I'm guessing that you live in the same neighbourhood as OP

At least you're encouraging dental hygiene.

And pain...emotional pain.

What's next, books?

Do you know how expensive books are? I'd like that actually (Unless they suck).

vanessa_tranz 15

In my neighbourhood, apparently there was a house handing out books and pens. xD

jbombdighetty 11

Why all the down votes? this was genius xD

Does it come with free toothpaste?

That's the next house down the street a little...

My mom wanted to handout travel sized toothpastes but I stopped her from buying them and made her buy candy instead

No one egged your house?

they're waiting for next year

diving_fml 30

could have been nickels and dimes.

diving_fml 30

umm yes, money is what I meant.....

What did you mean then?

Weed, apparently.

did she give them note saying don't forget to use twice a day

Your house must be very popular in your block