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Today, I awoke from a dream that I'd found an Arco gas station that had regular gas for $3.38. I actually went looking for it. FML
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gas prices are ridiculous. if the place is real. please share.

#16 I know the perfect cliff for you


gas prices are ridiculous. if the place is real. please share.

You think gas prices are ridiculous? European average is over 6.5USD/gallon. I'm in Canada paying 1.27CAN/liter which translates to over 5USD/gallon.

No it doesn't "translate" to 5 USD. It's 97 American cents for every Canadian dollar.

97 cents is close enough.

#16 I know the perfect cliff for you

My bad. They've been at about par for months now, a penny or three either way. That's the number I used with my quick and dirty math. Actual numbers based on todays prices would be closer to $4.75 I can't fault 16 for the correction. It's they type of thing I'd do.

Gas in my town has dropped to about $3.20 a gallon.

38 - Give me the address!

Would kill to pay that for gas...

That's why I ride my motorcycle, cheaper, and fun.

Just paid 3.13 in Middle Valley Tennessee. I wish I could share cheap gas with everyone across the states! :)

16 probably didn't notice the liter vs gallon.

In England a litre of petrol is an average of £1.34. Our gallons are about 4.5 litres but I think an American gallon is about 3.75 litres, so we pay the equivalent of about $7.50 a gallon (US) for petrol. Yours is cheap!

I use a friend to get me on a military base so it's cheaper and no taxes! :D

In the UK it's the equivalent to about $9 a gallon :(

I was about to say, gas in my province in Canada is about 1.25 a litre and it keeps going up about every 2 days it seems. Welcome to summer, no driving anywhere.

That's quite funny to read these comments, when I was last visiting the US the price went down from 1.09$ to 0.99$ because of the I war in the gulf.

I'm in Europe and currently I pay 6.45$ per gallon of '95 and it was already more expensive so the media call it cheap ;)

Prices are currently that low in nc right now.

Right now it's about 4.15 for Chevron, and 3.90 for Arco. I'm always at Arco.

I remember here in Canada 10 years ago when gas prices were $0.67/liter, Food was cheap and Bus fares were $1.50 (it's $3 now). Now everything doubled, I guess that's how inflation works

$3.13 is still not cheap.

I paid $3.05 and I'm in the us at a Brookshires

# 94. I filled up about two weeks ago at 1.29 a litre where I live and when I went the other day it was at 1.39 a litre...I miss seeing it at 1.08...

It's not too bad. I paid $.019 per gallon a couple days ago :)

$3.11 around base here, on base its about $3.24.

Oh I can't even belive you guys, no frickin wonder the US is so high in carbon dioxide emissions. I pay an equivalent of over 8 dollar a gallon, and thats on the cheapest station within over a hundred miles. How can the world only superpower be so unbelivably irresponsible as to even allow prices like yours? It's just entirely beyond me.

Weve got gas for $3.15

#145 Driving to college today, saw the stations raising the prices up to $1.35 to $1.37 a litre. I am cringing to see what prices summer brings. I remember bitching at age 18 that gas went up to $0.49 a litre and I had to drive a half hr to work every day. Well, I made crap money then too, but...ah, nostalgia over gas prices lol

Ridiculous?????? we pay 8,71 US / Gallon (1,78 euros/liter) in the Netherlands, you Americans should stop whining

They pay per liter. That's way smaller than a gallon genius. Gas where I live in MA is 3.32/gal

I've seen a place with $2.50

I don't know were you guys live, but our gas prices are at a all time low at only $1 a gallon. It's a beautiful thing. T3T

yeah same here, in Michigan we only pay about 2.00$ a gallon and it had just gone up

Let me into your dreams! !!

I was confused about this FML at first, because here in Canada, gas is about $1.50 where I live... Per litre, of course, instead of gallons. Why can't the US use the same units as the rest of the world?

The same reason that different languages still exist in the world.

No it is not. Langage is about our history. Geometry is about logic.

Because America is the best country in the world. Yes, it is, and that is an indisputable fact.

Who wouldn't?

did you find it, op? where was it?

Hey it could have been a sign?

Here in the future, gas is down to the low $2 mark

I wish our gas stations had cool names like Acro...citgo isn't really doing it for me

ARCO means Atlantic Richfield. But the company is owned by BP, British Petroleum. (The company that ruined our gulf states but took no responsibility for doing so.) Citgo; The company is owned by PDV America, Inc., an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., the national oil company of Venezuela. The company has its headquarters in the Energy Corridor area of Houston, Texas

@17 - The history tangent was about as interesting as watching a cow chew...and I love watching cows chew.

Yay facts! Do me next! Valero & Exxon!

They (BP) paid for the whole clean up.. It wasn't their fault... Inspectors failed on there duty's and that resulted in an accident... Shit happens.. The gulf is pretty good now.

#30, I have a great girl for you!!!

Less interesting fact. Exxon was rebranded from Esso in the early seventies or so.... @34 I hope you're not saying that BP actually completed the cleanup because there's still tonnes of oil globs in the gulf. They get washed to shore during every storm. There are also a lot of people who haven't been adequately compensated for losing their livelihood.

If that's the case there is a girl who posted an FML less than a week ago that you may be interested in going on a blind date with.

Very true #34....although BP provided some compensation, it was no where near what it should have been. A lot of people got money that shouldn't have, as they lied on their paperwork, and a lot of people that got money didn't get anywhere close to what they deserved. I live in the panhandle of Florida, and although our beaches didn't have tons of oil that we could really see, we lost a lot of business that year and tons of money. I was able to file a claim and receive some compensation, though it was not even close to what I lost. Same goes for a lot of people I know. Meanwhile, the county won't even settle for $9 million. Wish I could get a small chunk of that!

Well actually #17 your facts are slightly wrong. BP is now owned 60% by America. As such, it is no longer called British Petroleum. It was re-branded years ago as 'Beyond Petroleum'.

If you build it, they will come.

We all have dreams that we want to follow

ah Sam's Club, where it's only 3.24/g right now.

Boo, hiss Walmart!!!! Anybody else? No? Okay.

Or possibly it was a dream within a dream?

we have to go cheaper.

Probably in Limbo.

I dreamed a dream where gas was cheap

Went looking for it and used what little gas you actually had up. Sorry OP!

It's okay :) I have a Prius now!

bamagrl410 31

Gas actually is that cheap here in Texas... Passed several stations earlier that were 3.26

A Prius can actually be more expensive, considering the battery has to be replaced so often. Also, the dead batteries are dumped off the coast of China, so it really doesn't help the environment.